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    Top Three Holiday Photos

    Madikwe game reserve South Africa
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    Top Three Holiday Photos

    1636273648 Swimming pigs in the Bahamas
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    Top Three Holiday Photos

    Flying over the polar ice cap on way to Caribbean Feb 2019
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    UNable to contact travel agent - Skiddoo

    It says due to an unexpected situation our call centres are currently unable to take calls !!!!!!
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    UNable to contact travel agent - Skiddoo

    I tried and then it said sorry we can’t take call and disconnected 1584592352 Trying again now
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    UNable to contact travel agent - Skiddoo

    Virgin now not even taking calls if you are flying in next 24hours!!!!!!!!!
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    Domestically, what would it take to get you again travelling by air?

    Being able to contact Virgin so I can change my international booking to a domestic flight. Can’t do it online and can’t contact them unless your flight is in the next 24 hours 😭.
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    Looking for VPN recommendation

    Definitely recommend Express VPN. We used it for the 3 year we were in China 😀
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    Pyjamas - "exhibitionists looking for attention,"

    I totally agree. I always wear pajamas on an overnight flight and have even worn my Qantas pjs when I flew economy with the grandkids on an overnight flight 😱. I guess I’m just an exhibitionist lol. Nothing worse than arriving in crushed clothes that you have slept in.
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    Lounge Meets May 2019

    QF129 on 2nd May Syd to Shanghai. 9.30am departure. QF First lounge. I have 2 guests travelling with me but can only get 1 guest into the lounge. Would really appreciate if anyone can guest the other in. If not the first lounge then i'd be happy to go to the business lounge as long as I can get...
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    Woman threatened with eviction from flight because she was wearing a crop top

    This was how she was dressed. Personally I think it was a bit inappropriate for a flight but that’s only my opinion.
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    China - never a dull moment!

    Yes we love Goodfellas and take all our guests there. Kabb is closed which is a shame. It’s re opening as a casual French restaurant. Must try the Latin place.
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    China - never a dull moment!

    Oh no. That happens a lot here.