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    IC Grand Stanford HK - Price of Club upgrade?

    Was considering that, and will probably join as our stay is 15 nights, but which category would be the one below? Their website shows the advance IC club rate as an option with king bed deluxe harbour view, so would king premier full harbour view be the one below? Or would it be safer to book...
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    IC Grand Stanford HK - Price of Club upgrade?

    Greetings all I'm just curious to know if anyone has recently paid to upgrade a room at this hotel to include Club access on check in, and if so, what was the price per room for two people? Thanks to any respondents in advance. M
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    Points + Cash Reward Night, then pay to upgrade?

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has successfully used the points + cash option to get reward night, then paid to upgrade to use the Executive Club? Am looking to book two rooms for four nights in Singapore HI and thought this might make the stay a little more economical.
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    IC Fiji Golf Resort & Spa

    Thanks for the comments. I thought it might not yet be truely finished, just wondered to what extent.
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    IC Fiji Golf Resort & Spa

    Hi all Just a quick post wondering if anyone has stayed at the new IC Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, and whether there are any deals ($) going for this hotel at present. The photo online looks quite nice, but it does give the impression that things aren't quite finished yet. Any words of wisdom...
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    Almost platinum!!!

    Based on the type of travel you seem to undertake, I am not sure you will notice any change at all. I achieved platinum status after doing a Leyland Brothers in economy in my first year as a QFF member. I already had corporate QC membership, so even that was no different. I suspect, as people...
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    New Member - My Little Upgrade Story

    Hello one and all! As with most people I suppose, I spent some time reading posts on this website before I took the plunge and joined up. I must say I enjoy reading about other people's experiences, so thought I would share my recent upgrade story. I joined the QFF programme in April 06 when...