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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    I thought VA would become financially viable, but I would not be surprised if this crisis bankrupts them. Time to spend Velocity points quickly. I am a little worried as I am in the USA until March 23. It'll be horribly inconvenient for me to return sooner, but it looks as if I risk being stuck...
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    If you met Paul Scurrah (Virgin Australia CEO), what would you say?

    Sounds like a good buy. I actually do think, in time, Scurrah will turn the ship around to some degree, so I am serious.
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    If you met Paul Scurrah (Virgin Australia CEO), what would you say?

    I would also raise the issue of an alliance. I know Virgin claim that their "bilateral agreements" suit them better, but they need to get real and realise it doesn't suit serious customers and potential serious customers.
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    Do they ever cancel flights that are really underbooked?

    For real? I wish my flights were like that! I fly to LAX with Virgin twice each year and the plane is always pretty chockers. To the OP: the flight won't be cancelled. They don't cancel international long haul flights for that reason.
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    "You are in top 5% of Velocity Flyers." - and that is it??

    Top 1%. 83 flights, 90,371km flown. Do I win? 😁 Quite a big drop from last year for me, when I did 120+ flights. Noticed I've been upgraded to business class at the gate a few times this year. I wondered whether it meant I was a particularly high value guest. Seems it does.
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    Best way to blow 1.5M Velocity points

    What would you do? I'd like to go to Scotland next year, but SQ in J is only 348,000 Velocity points. I am Canberra based, so SQ is very handy, with a CBR > SIN route and easy redemptions. I could add a travel companion, but I have friends there, so that's not essential (am single myself). Or...
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    Something's Coming...

    Just booked J fares return to LAX, which I was going to purchase anyway. Now it's on double points. I'm happy.
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    How many Velocity points have you earned/spent?

    Earned 2,076,792 Redeemed 1,315,911 Since 2015.
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    Is finally attaining Platinum actually worth it?

    For me it's free YX, and the "subjective" benefits. I do feel I get treated uncommonly well. Had a few free upgrades to business recently, and my status has gotten me out of lots of change fees and various travel headaches.
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    Something big is coming! (1st May)

    Joining Star Alliance or Sky Team would be my dream come true. Can someone explain to me my Virgin are ideologically opposed to an alliance? I recall Borghetti speaking about it a while back, but it never really made sense.
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    Something big is coming! (1st May)

    I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but the way they are hyping it... A massive sale would be ok, but hopefully it's more than that. An alliance partnership would be awesome.
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    Economy X Row 3 - what is so good about it?

    This is a phenomenon I like, because I always go for row 4 or 5. They tend to be free :) My reasons are: - I can put my bag under the seat in front. I usually work on planes, so this is handy. - I am over 6'7" and can testify that the legroom is far superior in rows 4 and 5. I can stretch out...
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    Devalued transfers Velocity / KrisFlyer from 1.35 to 1.55

    For those worried about expiry, surely you would just transfer the miles back to Velocity if that became a risk? You have 36 months to use them with SQ anyway, so I can't imagine it's too serious a risk.
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    Good Customer Service Experience

    Some months ago, I had booked an itinerary in J (saver fare) BNE > LAX > PHX outbound, and LAX > SYD > CBR return. The travel dates are now a little over a week away. I wanted to change the return leg of the journey by pushing the date out 5 days. Applicable charges should have been a $400...
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    What to do with 750k Velocity with KF devaluation

    I just moved a little over 1 Million points to KF. I don't have any concrete plans, but I know that I only tend to make big redemptions for international flights... And VA are just hopeless at international redemptions... Whereas KF are really good... So KF it is!