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Recent content by Mark1966

  1. M

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    Hmmm, carbon offsets anyone? :)
  2. M

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    Yes, does seem an 'odd' route to LAX ...
  3. M

    When was the last commercial passenger flight you took?

    Feel a little like an "AA" (aircraft anonymous) meeting - Hi. I'm Mark. It has been 75 days since my last flight, VH-NXJ, a QF 717-200 from SYD to CBR. My wife was scheduled to travel to the US in March with her 80 year old father to see his great grandchild. With him fretting we...
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    A380 future post-COVID-19

    ... and Air France HAS made up its mind - "Air France has announced it will immediately retire its Airbus A380 fleet following the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The airline was due to retire nine A380s from its fleet by 2022, however, the French flag carrier has brought this date forward. In...
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    Official source of detailed rules around interstate travel and self isolation

    The written rules are contained in directions/declarations/orders under the various jurisdiction's public health / emergency management legislation. The are not always easy to locate and they do vary between jurisdictions. Details of the most recent declarations, with “lockdown” declarations...
  6. M

    What is the ONE thing that QF could do to get you back in the air more regularly post COVID-19?

    But will this get you back in the air more regularly post COVID-19?
  7. M

    What is the ONE thing that QF could do to get you back in the air more regularly post COVID-19?

    At the risk of being preemptive, I was chatting with a colleague earlier today about what life might look like AFTER we get through COVID-19. I know we are mainly focusing on just getting through the outbreak, and maybe we are optimistic in thinking of QF surviving (could they really close?)...
  8. M

    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    Bummer. While I usually travel Y (or more correctly discount or sale Y) I'm very fortunate to be able to sleep pretty well in the QF Y seats. My only real gripe about Y is where I have a pax in front who insists on reclining their seat immediately the seat belt light is off for the whole...
  9. M

    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    Just not happy generally. I've met @drron's sister and she is just generally unhappy. ;) (that was a joke BTW - with no offence intended!)
  10. M

    Excellent Qantas Service

    Glad you got good service Rang Premium line because website would not let me change an Award booking for my wife (to match a changed Business booking for her father). First attempt - 30 minutes call, got through and operator was changing, put me on hold to check something and a few minutes...
  11. M

    2020 F1 Thread

    True! I did think though that flying F would pretty quickly give you the status though!
  12. M

    2020 F1 Thread

    So it seems from this Tweet - that Vettel and Raikonnen are leaving BUT the most surprising thing for me is that they are only GOLD! Am I just thinking in QF terms and Gold is top tier in other FF programs?
  13. M

    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    Yes, if only lifetime WP was at a reasonable level it WOULD be worth striving for ...
  14. M

    What I REALLY want for my birthday QFF ...

    You really should trade the donkey in for a llama - Therapy llama Forest Gump comforts the sick and elderly in Canberra
  15. M

    QF2 departing LHR 4 March - why 13 hour layover in SIN?

    As it happened - not only was I already transferred to QF36 but along with a number of other WP that were upstairs in economy on the LON - SIN sector I was upgraded at the gate for the SIN - MEL sector to Premium Economy (W?) with a spare seat next to me as well - luxury!