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Recent content by mannej

  1. mannej

    Noisy Lounges

    But you did mention children ;) Re children, do QF not provide child/family friendly zones in a number of their QP's?
  2. mannej

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    It is so easy to look at a thread in isolation. What a lot of these posts who comment about the tone of some of the responses fail to address is the pattern of posts from the OP, and not just in relation to this thread here.
  3. mannej

    Velocity points not partially credited from DL/VS flight

    As per the Velocity website
  4. mannej

    Qantas Group Reducing services by effectively grounding 18 Aircraft due to Coronavirus

    It has been announced in response to coronavirus - Qantas Group Reducing services by effectively grounding 18 Aircraft due to Coronavirus
  5. mannej

    Qantas return but only travelling one leg?

    Out of interest, domestic or international?
  6. mannej

    Upset Qantas FF silver member

    Sorry but this is one area that QF is consistent, membership anniversary date is a constant. The 80k offer is the standard offer from QF for those who have not retained gold.
  7. mannej

    Account hacked, or QF stuff-up?

    As mentioned previously, QFF should only change the name on a QFF membership when provided with proof of the change Frequent Flyer FAQs | Qantas Points
  8. mannej

    Qantas Frequent Flyer Account Hacked

    You need to present QFF with proof of change of name for QFF to action a name change.
  9. mannej

    Qantas T-80 no longer a thing?

    Or load factor...
  10. mannej

    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    Definitely not unusual for QF to use the 737 more frequently on a weekend
  11. mannej

    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    Nothing unusual about a weekend flight being operated by a 737. 574 on the 9th of November is an A330
  12. mannej

    International Seat Selection

    SQ does have the 787 and have had them for a while.
  13. mannej

    International Seat Selection

    JohnK holds status, but his wife and daughter may not (and I assume are on a separate booking)
  14. mannej

    Question Whete is the Upgrade Loadings help desk?

    This is your thread you are after - Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk