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    Oh My .... Cop shoots man!

    Yep. This has rather dominated the news in the Bay Area for 2009. Unfortunately it has also re-enforced some rather negative stereotypes of Oakland as well. mt
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    Computer security

    Wow, that's some serious paranoia. Which appears to becoming more common. Interestingly, with the change in the 'policy' of some countries w.r.t. laptop inspections, our IT guys are starting to worry less about 'evil 3rd parties' and more about overzealous "thou shall reveal the password"...
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    Seattle - Worth doing both the Boeing Tour and Museum of Flight?

    One of the best days I've ever had was in late 2001 touring Boeing at Everett and the Museum of Flight in Seattle. I did the Boeing factory tour (747 line) at first thing 8AM, drove down to King County and then spent the rest of the day the MoF. No cameras allowed on the 747 line unfortunately...
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    Qantas and British Air explore merger

    Aren't BA and IB trying to merge currently? Would QF shareholders not want the dual listing to proceed prior to that? After all, I think QF is fractionally more valuable than BA and thus QF shareholders should expect to get > 50% of any dual listing? Fun times ahead no doubt. If it goes...
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    Obama fans have had their adrenaline rush, now it's my turn to have mine

    Umm, because you want to back a party that will only last 30 years? :) OTOH, why is it that new parties in Aust seem to germinate from the right half of politics? (OK, I'm ignoring the ADLP - but they were the Labor right). Is it the left are too "solidarity, brother" to actually split off...
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    Falling!!! Help!!!

    Hey! I think I've got one of those in my wallet! mt
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    Falling!!! Help!!!

    Well, there you go. I stand corrected. mt
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    Falling!!! Help!!!

    Methinks you mean 41 pence? The AUD has never been below 0.48USD, even in the dark days of late 2001 (when I was in the US, so I remember it well!) mt
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    New long term parking 'stations' at Perth

    Don't worry, I'm sure the next stage in this great plan is extend it to street parking in Kalamunda with vouchers for the Transperth ride onto Brearley Ave.:) mt
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    Another Notebook Question Thread....

    For the Air, the 'legacy' IO can be handled with external adapters (in true AAPL style, for more money, of course). Graphics should be OK for AC2009 as they've beefed up the graphics engine to a new Nvidia chipset. It's still no GTX 280, but you're not running Crysis on it :-) With BootCamp...
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    Another Notebook Question Thread....

    Add another vote for the Dual Boot option for getting into Windows. Not as easy as getting Windows pre-installed, but once you boot into XP - it's exactly as it would be on PC. HL2 doesn't run half bad either :-) mt
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    Another Notebook Question Thread....

    No kidding required - they are the superior laptop at the moment. Also with the collapse in the AUD, Apple Aust is actually half competitive with the USD price for once. If portability is paramount and you don't need Ethernet/DVD, the Macbook Air is hard to pass up. Non-replaceable battery might...
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    Now we now why the entertainment systems are so flaky!

    As does Virgin America. mt
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    Now we now why the entertainment systems are so flaky!

    Aah, when aaret was doubled to 128kbit. They were good days... For all of about 3 weeks our MUDs were actually responsive and ftping to bellcore was tolerable. Then everyone started blasting away again and it was back to 'normal'. To think that we got told off for using unix talk with folks in...
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    Falling!!! Help!!!

    Depends on who you are, some people are quite happy about the "backlash". I have a friend who runs a small contracting firm (clients are all here in the Valley). He was over here earlier this month when the fall really 'took off'. You could see his mood visibly improve as the AUD dropped -...