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Recent content by m535607

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    Question QF Customer Relations Open?

    Hi All. Just wondering if any other readers have had replies from QF Customer Relations in past 4 weeks. I lodged a complaint in mid March and in early April they sent me an email to say that due to large volumes the complaint will take a bit longer to be looked at/ its 8 weeks...
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    Qantas Price Promise Delays (flights)

    I was approved for price promise for flights, $11 was refunded 2 days after first flight but getting the approved 1000 points after 8 weeks of returning is impossible. Despite their email approving the 1000 points it never appeared after 3 months. After many webchats and emails to various...
  3. M

    Qantas Price Promise Not Honoured

    Has anyone been approved for QF Flight Price Promise but never received the 1000 points? In Oct 2019 I made a direct booking with QF and then asked for price promise with them. Within 3 days they sent me an email confirming that I was approved and will receive the $11 price difference once I...
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    QF Unable to check in online

    Got her to log in to pick a seat anyway but instead it allowed her to check in now. ....must be either QF IT glitch or lower level bronze members cannot check in until <12 hours instead of 24 hours
  5. M

    QF Unable to check in online

    When she logged in to check in she entered her passport details and it then said unable to check in online. Is there another area/ field she needs to enter passport details? She just wants to select a seat prior to getting to airport
  6. M

    QF Unable to check in online

    We are travelling on QF117 to HKG tonite and I have checked in online without any issue but my wife is unable to check in online ''check in for this flight is not available - please check in at airport''. We are on separate PNR but are both revenue Y seats. Any ideas why? it because her...
  7. M

    QF 117 SYD - HKG

    Does anyone know why QF 117 was delayed from 2220 last night 23/10 to today 24/10 1230 departure..........and also which flight/incoming aircraft forms this QF117 as I cannot see any arrivals delay yesterday. I am on this flight in a months time and concern about it being delayed overnight.
  8. M

    QF Price Promise website not working

    Thanks Levenine ...who / which dept email address I use for this?
  9. M

    QF 30% off Classic Reward Due?

    Amyone can hazard a guess as to the next 30% off classic Y sale as its usually due in Sept?
  10. M

    QF Price Promise website not working

    Yes - I called QF 131313 and was told they are doing website help to me as technically i need to lodge before midnite
  11. M

    QF Price Promise website not working

    Has anyone been able to submit a claim. As the link no longer brings up the website. Earlier today it allowed me to fill in the details but when I press submit it says it failed due to system error. As the rule is that I must submit claim by 2359 hours today to be elegible I am stuck.
  12. M

    QF Sale end date

    Thanks Again FTM. So the Sales Restrictions is not something I could have found myself?....for future reference. Regards
  13. M

    QF Sale end date

    Thanks ftm. How did you get this info re when sale will end so I will know in future. When I contacted QF the rep even went to the supervisor and still couldnt find the sale end date.
  14. M

    QF Sale end date

    Sorry - I meant to say that I want to travel in November but cannot book until this Tues AFTERNOON 8 October - so wondering if the sale would have ended by then or not. If there are any travel agents out there that can answer this.
  15. M

    QF Sale end date

    QF has a sale SYD- HKG return at $599 return for travel in Nov 2019. Despite me calling QF they cannot tell me when the sale ends ie the last day and time of the sale ( eg sale ends 2359 AEST 11 Nov ) as I cannot book til 2pm Tues 8 October . Does anyone know how to get this info. Thanks