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Recent content by luxury-lizard

  1. luxury-lizard

    Question Is it worth joining a hotel loyalty program if not corporate funded?

    We're also self-funded travellers - travelling 80+ nights per year. Here's our approach:- Members of all major hotel programs (Hilton, Marriott, Accor, etc) Gifted Gold with Hilton and Accor (also Accor Plus) via AmEx Platinum We make no effort to "earn" status via stays but find that by...
  2. luxury-lizard

    SQ service reductions during May

    Hum interesting point @ozfflyer just a little off topic. My concern is that pricing on some routes will skyrocket - e.g. Oz-Europe via Middle East, any others than don't transit Asian cities (not just China). I'm watching this thread like a hawk as I have SQ flights coming up (SYD-SIN-CPT and...
  3. luxury-lizard

    Question Any recent experience with SIM card for South Africa

    We're off to South Africa in March (6 days in Cape Town then a Ponant cruise to Durban and onto the Seychelles) - I would like to get a SIM card for use while in Cape Town in particular (must have data) - buying one here from SIMCorner (which I have used previously for Europe and US/Canada)...
  4. luxury-lizard

    Issue logging on to account

    I had a bit of a strange issue yesterday - logged onto my LM account - no issues then tried to logon to Mr LL's account and it would not work - LM just kept re-displaying the logon screen - no error message. I figured it was yet another LM web site glitch so tried from a different laptop and...
  5. luxury-lizard

    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    Good grief - did you get a full refund and your airfare home?
  6. luxury-lizard

    Question Travel on Cathay mid April BNE / HKG / BOS - Change now or wait and see if the Corona virus gets better or worse? Any suggestions?

    You don't say what your actual travel dates are and/or if you can cancel the CX flights free of penalty so it's hard to come up with ideas. Also what city are you departing from. You really need a one-way OZ-BOS or NY then a one-way LHR-home I presume. Perhaps look at a return OZ-JFK (you can...
  7. luxury-lizard

    Avianca LifeMiles 2020 – Bookings and Discussion

    This seemed kind of funny so I took a look myself - and yes paid Y is $815 and miles cost between 41,000-48,000 in July depending on the day. However it is clearly not worth buying points without a promo (or, for that matter, even with a promo) - since your flight is not until July why not wait...
  8. luxury-lizard

    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    We have a cruise booked on Ponant commencing mid-March from Cape Town up the coast to Durban then onto (back-to-back) Mauritius and the Seychelles. We're not concerned at this stage - far too late to change/cancel cruise and/or other plans. However, what does surprise me is that the daily...
  9. luxury-lizard

    If you met Paul Scurrah (Virgin Australia CEO), what would you say?

    Well I chipped in on the AJ thread so here's my 2 cents worth on VA: Join *A - the hodgepodge of partners is confusing and useless (to me anyway) Fix your website - it's one of worst airline websites I've ever used While I consider myself something of an expert on various FF programs (ie the...
  10. luxury-lizard

    If you had a day to spend with AJ to fix QF what would you say ?

    Great thread - could someone please forward to AJ's personal e-mail. So my opinion - Mr LL and I are "pointy-end" leisure travellers making 3 (or so) international trips per year but never on QF because there are better and cheaper alternatives. So what would it take to make us change to QF -...
  11. luxury-lizard

    KrisFlyer 21st birthday referral bonus

    I also received this "offer" e-mail today and just laughed before deleting it - I mean 500 points per referral (and only if that person has an eligible transaction) - would only be useful IMO if these miles (or any additional miles) reset the expiry date of all miles. Also I would never refer a...
  12. luxury-lizard

    Avianca LifeMiles 2020 – Bookings and Discussion

    Yippee - just booked YVR-HND-SYD on Feb 2 in business (seats just popped up today) - can fly home on same flights as MR LL (He took the single award seat 11 months ago). I was booked on AC/OZ via ICN - cancellation via phone went smoothly. First tried the booking online using Safari and after...
  13. luxury-lizard

    RTW or 2 one way tickets

    You could consider a return SYD-AMS (using example dates, as low as $1050 in Y or $4500 in J) then a separate one way US/Canada - AMS at the end of the cruise in Y or J or a good use of FF points (using Skyscanner as low as $200 JFK-AMS in Y)
  14. luxury-lizard

    What to do?

    it's not clear if the 5 hours is flying or driving - unlike "fred" I assumed driving - since the time is September I would recommend one of the amazing national parks - near the Grand Canyon, or Sequoia etc .... crowds are beginning to ease off in Sept but weather should still be good.
  15. luxury-lizard

    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    Yes - I would ring them - sometimes in a situation like this they can be very helpful - but I guess there would need to be award space (for 4 !!!) on the non-stop flight the following day. Not sure if you checked that - I have also found (once) that the call centre found me seats on alternate...