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    Fiji worth visiting in DEC ?

    I don't think you should go to Fiji THIS DEC!!! ;)
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    Anyone else find the ads/popups/spyware on this site annoying?

    It's very annoying! GREEDY owner!!! :evil:
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    AMEx telemarketing

    Hey guys I too understand your frustration - try these numbers - I have never been diverted to any overseas call centres when using the following numbers!! - GOODD LUCK!! ;) Personal Emergency services: For Lost or Stolen Cards (Select Option 1) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1300 132 639...
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    Double points are back!!

    I'll see what I can do!. But trying to stay away from AMEX :? the moody angel
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    help on program 2 join... thanks

    Hey there and welcome to the forum! My friend Mark, who is a sweetie :lol: , told me the same thing! I would definitely join! the moody angel
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    Double points are back!!

    Hey guys; Extremely sorry for the late reply! I quit AMEX around 3 months ago and don't know what's happening with that promotion. Sorry again! :D the moody angel
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    Qantas club and america west/us air questions

    Hello everyone; I am flying with my family inside USA in May and we are both Qantas Club members, we have an America West flight that is not codeshare to QF. My question is: since US air and America West are merging - does qantas club membership grant us access into America West lounges...
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    Rejected Application

    Hey guys... going back to the rejection issue. AMEX can decline an application for ANYTHING, even for the tiniest things. EG: wrong number, not providing full details of 'friend or relative', not having a home phone, etc. the moody angel
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    AMEX Launches Platinum Credit Card

    It aint most sales agents are students!!
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    AMEX Launches Platinum Credit Card

    Hey guys: 1. - There are a number of different agencies that promote the card .. one is Cobra. However this company does all sorts of promotions.. save the children, oxfam, virgin etc and they're not the main marketing agency for AMEX. There is another company called mobidata which is the...
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    AMEX Launches Platinum Credit Card

    hello... I used to be an AMEX "hawker"... what u want to know?? the moody angel
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    AMEX Platinum Cheapened

    True but u can't possibly say that the credit card is as exclusive or prestigous as the charge card!!
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    TIP: Want the best seat in the house?

    Well that wasn't 40 years ago... more like 12 years ago!! the moody angel
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    TIP: Want the best seat in the house?

    Hey... when I was younger (like 8 years old) I used to fly on my own or with my sister (2 yrs older) they always gave us the exit row!!... If you say no kiddies are allowed... y did we get those seats??? The moody angel
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    AMEX Platinum Cheapened

    I dont have a plat charge card or plat credit card but do work for the company and the platinum charge card is by INVITATION ONLY so not anyone can get it!! and that makes it more exclusive than the credit card. SO it HASN'T cheapened the product. The aim of the credit card is to serve not met...