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    Complimentary American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card

    We have just had an offer for a Complimentary American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card. Has anybody else had this offer?
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    How long did Qantas take to process your refund for cancelled flights?

    Do you have an email address for Qantas you are willing share please?
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    Credits or refunds on unused travel insurance

    We have Qantas (NIB) Travel Insurance purchased September 2019 for a trip in September 2020 with that trip now "transferred" to September 2021. I went onto their site to see if a credit is being offered, it's not, nor can I manage my booking and the site says they are no longer offering travel...
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Thanks for the correct reference for Darwin & Perth :)
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    I had a flight booked for May DWN - PTH return and have been waiting to see if Qantas will cancel the flight and hopefully receive a refund as I already have a credit voucher to use when all returns to normal. I received an email today advising me my fight has been changed and after checking the...
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    RTW to no-where in particular

    Great trip report RooFlyer, really enjoying it. We are booked into the same hotel in six months time (fingers crossed our trip is still on) after yours and a couple of other peoples recommendation, it looks just as good "in real life" as online.
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    Hotels in Bruges

    This sounds very interesting will add to the to do list. Thanks
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    Hotels in Bruges

    Fantastic really looking forward to it
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    Hotels in Bruges

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. After much deliberation between 3 couples we have booked Hotel de Orangerie, Dukes Palace and the Callebaut Chocolate was a real consideration too. But the High Teas on the deck won out and the boys in our group are also pleased there is a brewery...
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    Hotels in Bruges

    After reading a trip report on AFF several years ago on Santorini, we booked the accommodation mentioned in that report and were not disappointed so I thought I would ask about Bruges. Does anybody have any hotel suggestions for Bruges? We will be travelling there in September with two other...
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    Kakadu-du-du, no pineapples, plenty of trees. A long weekend in the NT

    We did a trip to the Red Centre in July and then stopped in at Kakadu on our way home to Darwin. One of the days we were at Kakadu we went into Jim Jim Falls but unfortunately there were no falls, but there were some great places to swim. We are looking at a fairly "dry" wet again this year so...
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    Hate to admit it but CX just trumped SQ

    Great to hear. We are currently looking at award flights for next year and having trouble securing QR flights but there appears to be plenty of CX business so CX it is. Thanks
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    Cathay Pacific Lounge Access Hong Kong on Qantas J classic award Flight

    We are looking at booking J Classic Award flights Brisbane to Hong Kong & Hong Kong to Paris later in the year and the only flights coming up at the moment seem to be with Cathay Pacific. Would we have access to the Qantas lounge in Brisbane and the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong being...
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    Double Status Credit Offer, status retention query

    I am 50 status credits short of reaching gold at the end of July. I had thought I was due to get a loyalty bonus of 50 SC's when I hit 500 SC's. and hand been waiting for the offer from Qantas. After receiving an email from Qantas advising me I was short of reaching gold they asked me to ring...