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    Qantas no longer selling J on CBR-BNE 717 flights from 28/3/21?

    I was recently downgraded CBR/BNE on a Sunday morning due to this. Flight packed, I presumed that was why at the time... still managed an exit, seated next to Bob Katter no less!
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    Qantas to outsource ground handling across Australia

    What will happen to the international airlines that QF currently service? Are they giving away all of these contracts?
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    What's your Uber experience?

    I was in BCN and MAD in January this year, sadly no Uber then.
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    Qantas Red Planet

    I just did Project Apricot, it was Q's about Schick razors... I swear I have filled out essentially the same survey 3 times in the past few months.... Very irritating
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    Marriott considering bid for Mantra?

    If true that would go some way to explaining their recent share market volatility!
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    AirBnB double signon bonus

    Thanks burmans, I used your link and got the discount! Paying it forward for anyone interested: Get $35 off your first adventure!
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    How often and when do baggage handlers cease loading and unloading due to weather?

    Re: How often and when do baggage handlers cease loading and unloading due to weather Brisbane used to have a two light system - a white light would flash on the ramp indicating that lightening was within 10nm. The blue light would flash if lightening was within 5nm and then for safety reasons...
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    Qantas Brisbane International Business Lounge

    There is a BAC office on the Level 3 of the international terminal, which is where you also get a visitors security pass... So my money would be on that being the correct location.
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    Scams like these

    I never used to receive many scam emails... Until a few months ago, around the time that coincided with the linkedin servers being compromised. Now I receive a steady stream... Coincidence? Unlikely.
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    Korean Air vs Emirates

    Most travel agents should be able to organise a free hotel on one leg on KE (known as STPC).
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    Best options SYD to GUM

    SYD-ICN-GUM on KE usually offers a short connection from memory.
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me out with Y-J upgrade probability - SYD/HNL QF3 SYD-HNL on 4th December 2015? I'm QF PS. Thanks
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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Or you can try [email protected] ~ this is their SYD Town office I think.
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    Thai 787-8 BKK-BNE flights begin October 15

    Should be a nice improvement over the current product.
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    1st Class tickets From BNE

    Yes out of BNE I believe offering First are EY,EK and KE.