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Recent content by larrymull

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    Answered Booking Qatar fares through qantas multi-city booking engine

    Thanks Matt. I was trying to book the leg Athens-Doha-Sing but it just came back to the original search engine multi-city page. Avoiding Qatar for this leg now because I am only flying Y and like you said I am getting punished with flying a partner airline.
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    Answered Booking Qatar fares through qantas multi-city booking engine

    Hi Guys, I am just wanting to know if you can book a multi-leg flight with qantas and qatar? Every time I have tried it thinks about it and goes back to the booking page. Also, do you get a bad return for earning points and status credits flying Qatar?
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    QF12 business class service fail?

    I was actually on the QF 94 on the same night and the OP's experiences reflect my experiences. I always find night flights the service goes down compared to day flights.
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    Let The Music Play or NOT !

    I just read this and this is very disappointing as when I am flying long haul I will always tune in to one of those meditation albums to send me to sleep, it works every time. Love the idea of Wifi and connecting through that medium but it means I am more connected to my device and when flying I...
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    Lifetime silver to gold

    Cheers - that's what I thought.
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    Lifetime silver to gold

    Just wondering if you are LTS which I am not far off, then do you only require 400 SC points to earn gold and 300 to maintain or do qantas make you earn 700 to get it and 600 to keep as per normal?
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    QF 29

    Good to know, long time lurker, just never post. Thanks guys.
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    QF 29

    Anyone know why QF29 was cancelled today? Seems like there has been a couple of cancellations this week.