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    Dreamliner Best Seats

    Hey Digger11 Have flown on the Dreamliner to both Bali and Honolulu several times. I prefer Row 1 in Business and Row 10 in Economy. Enough leg room for me to stretch out on my cabin bag - socks on of course. Row 10 is in the quieter mini cabin. Seats ABC are blocked as this is a bassinet...
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    Flying Air Pacific MEL-HNL

    Air Australia (Strategic) is due to commence a direct service twice weekly MEL-HNL from next month.
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    Hawaiian Partnership

    allitsab - maybe worth trying to call HA again. The person I spoke to at the overseas HA call centre knew exactly what Velocity points were but when she looked up my booking said my flights didn't qualify due to the class I was booked in which I think may have been 'L' - a super cheapie...
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    Jetstar Website Revamp

    Balwyn3101 - You are right Osaka does not show as a destination ex Melbourne but type in any origin/destination. The search again box right at the bottom of the page will then allow you to select Melbourne to Osaka and shows the connecting flights. I hope I am making sense and I understood your...
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    US Baggage Charges; has anything changed ?

    No charge for us on Hawaiian Airlines three weeks ago HNL-LAX-HNL. I was advised by HA call centre staff here to show my Jetstar e-ticket to have the baggage fees waived. Glad he offered this info cause I had no idea and was prepared to pay. Found it later on their website in the fine print...
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    Jetstar Website Revamp

    Thanks for checking Sam. I noticed this omission probably 12 months ago. At the time I thought I was doing something wrong and now it still hasn't been corrected. I see that Cairns is now Port Douglas? Oops.
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    Jetstar Website Revamp

    Well I am still having the same problem. When selecting departures from the Gold Coast I do not see either Honolulu or Denpasar as a destination. Not even when these fares are advertised as on sale via Sydney. So in the past I have booked two separate legs. I have since found I can view these...
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    Passenger ordered to take down 'I Hate Ryanair' website

    Still up and running - a place to share your Jetstar complaints. dontflyjetstardotcom
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    Bali Immigration

    I used Bali Concierge last year. They have since closed the lounge but I have heard they still operate the Express VOA - not sure?? Two others that are currently offering this service are: Murti - murti at Hadi - hadbali at $30AU per person on top of...
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    28° Mastercard Cash Advances while overseas [No more free cash advances from 1/1/14]

    The monthly paper account fee is 50 cents. I chose to continue receiving our two statements by post for now - sorry trees - just in case the email reminders didn't come through.
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    Need recommendation for best oceanfront hotel in Waikiki please

    Hi Linny We were in Hawaii a couple of months ago for my birthday also ending in an 0. Didn't want to be at home for that one. We rented a house on th north shore through VRBO then stayed 4 nights at the Outrigger Reef. We were in an oceanview room on the 8th floor in the oceanfront tower...
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    Jetstar A330

    Aloha Dan747 Your wife should be very happy with your choice. We had those seats on the same flight a couple of months ago and have booked them again. Yes there is a window plus a smaller window in the emergency door. We received a phone call from Jetstar piror to leaving asking if we...
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    Jetstar's 6th Birthday Sale Due Soon

    Thanks for the heads up guys. Just booked Sydney to Honolulu for March next year in exit row seats. Hubby just came home from LA yesterday and said Santa Monica was great for shopping so we think we will do a side trip while we are over in Hawaii. He flew economy VA by the way. Paid an extra...
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    DPS arrival immigration service

    This is from the Bali Travel Forum posted yesterday. "FYI just heard from Hadi the service is going as usual for the moment." Hadi is a local person offering the VIPVOA. The fee is less but it does not give you the lounge access while they collect luggage etc. Last year we used the Bali...
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    Bali Hotels

    That's OK. I had a few problems getting a reply from the Patra last year - ended up sending my enquiry/reservation which was answered promptly to Ratna Indah, Sales & Marketing Director Email: dosm @ patrabali dot com Now for the Holiday Inn Baruna, they have a Facebook page with lots of...