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Recent content by lacuska1

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    Keep Virgin Australia in the Skies

    sure qantas need competition to keep those airfares right-but in this dire situation the government has much urgent priorities than saving an airline which was already struggling financially before all the s**t hit the fan!
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    ALL QF's 330's to get lay flat Business seating - Including Domestic

    7 year for an upgrade-while the world moved on for private enclosed suits in business??? this tells a lot for those loudmouth Qf fans!
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    Angry pax declines to Raise Reclined Seat During Service...

    had similar experience on Cathay a few years ago-so asked the flight attendant to ask the chinese woman front of us to do the right thing!--but than well after meal service I put my seat back the guy behind me complained that he cannot stretch his legs--not flying economy any longer thanks for...
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    Angry pax declines to Raise Reclined Seat During Service...

    hope you will get a jerk just yourself behind you and make your flight miserable as you do to other's!
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    JQ25 MEL - CNS warning....

    well you didn't miss out much on that Qantas first class lounge-been there recently and I can tell you that-uncomfortable chairs -pathetic food-got a run to the loo because of their eggs Benedict -only serve breakfast till late so you miss out lunch if your flight departs before midday.The...
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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    this became the trend to do-revamping the FF point scheme so it would be less and less affordable to use-too many people using the different schemes to accumulate FF points so the airlines not making any profits on those seats-like Thai-SQ-BA-United to name a few all revamped their scheme to get...
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    Emirates' new unbundled business class fares

    around 7k with EK a normal business class on momondo-and 4500 with CX so who is the idiot who would go with Ek?what a rip off this is-taking into consideration the facts that this 'cheap' ticket implies? stuck in a middle seat no limo etc-you must be kidding!
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    Pax kicked off Air NZ flight for ignoring safety briefing

    that is a bit much-they could have told them that they would be re-seated to a non emergency seat if they not comply with the regulations
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    Etihad loses 5-star Skytrax rating

    too many airlines on the arabian peninsula-some must take the crap-how can they compete with emirates anyway???
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    Why OH Y? [Y PAX using J lavatories]

    I saw that virgin puts up a little belt between the classes -but obviously most flight attendant are too lazy to use the device hence they opt out-that would be a deterrent fact to invade the only 1 toilet for business class-who pays 3-4 times more than those whining Y passengers who feel they...
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    Qantas First Class "Nothing more than a premium business class"

    Just for those who think this is nothing more than a rant!-I can compare this product with the top 5 as I flew with them all both in first and business class and no wonder that QF didn't even made it of the top 10 airlines in the world! Take a look at their cutlery -both the lounge and first...
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    Qantas First Class "Nothing more than a premium business class"

    yes indeed- I have quite a reference points I flew a few times on first class with Singapore Airlines -return from SYD-ZRH-MEL,a few times on Emirates from ADL-DXB-BUD or many time on business with both and Qatar and Etihad and these airlines are light year ahead from the QF product in every...
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    Qantas First Class "Nothing more than a premium business class"

    Just returned form a Mel-SIN-Mel first class 'experience' on QF35-36 Well to my opinion this product is nothing more than a premium business class if I want to be mild... The interior is worn and torn,the pod like seating are awkward with no privacy sat in 1K. The Melbourne lounge is mostly busy...
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    Why I am ditching QF F/J longhaul, despite loving it.

    as always-cabin crew is there to serve the passengers no matter what-they should leave their own little issues at home-after all the customers who pay big money are their employers-if we don't pay they don't have a job! Of course there are getting more and more ferals who think they own the...
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    New Lifemiles site is now active (Feb 2019)

    this must be one of the worst deals-even on Momondo it's cheaper to book a business class fare to Europe than with the so called 130% bonus miles that this crap airline is offering! stay away from them for sure!