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    Is the automated bag drop Narita open?

    Only JAL passenger can use them at the moment. QF will participate this program next April.
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    Tokyo Haneda slot - how will Virgin Operate it?

    Direct bus run from HND to disneyland. only 30min drive.
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    JAL domestic SC earn

    >does QF still recognise that as a discounted Y + F surcharge? Yes. Only these 3 fares are considered as Full Y+F surcharge. One-Way Fare Round-Trip Fare JALBusiness KIPPU
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    Hi everyone, I have one way JASA booking NRT-xSYD-BNE. Can I add any add-on flight with this booking? I read comments of this thread but I do not understand the rule well so that I want to any advice from experts.
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    QF21 Connecting to JQ Japan layover time?

    normally QF21landing soon after the airport open at 6:00am. in my experience it takes 40min for immigration and customs clearance. Jetstar close check in 30min before scheduled time (7:10am) If you can select next flight to Sapporo around 10:00 it will be no frustration when delaying arrival...
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    Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide

    Month booked | Month travelled | Cabin (Y/W/J or F) | Route | Points cost | Co-pay $^ | Classic co-pay $~ | Max points cost~ | SCs earned Jun 14 | May 15 | J | NRT-SYD-BNE | 60000 | $480.66 + $10 | 33130yen | ? | 160SC May 14 | Mar 15 | J | BNE-SYD-NRT R/T | 120000 | $925.27 | $549.27 | 263000...
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    possible Routing OOL/SYD/CNS ?

    Thanks very much lots of figure out,AustraliaPoochie. I quoted OOL/SYD/CNS at QF website as classic award was 18000 points. if my understanding is correct, any seat awards are calculated point to point distance. is means from OOL to CNS when I take flight via SYD ,it is treated award level...
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    possible Routing OOL/SYD/CNS ?

    Is this possible rout, OOL/SYD/CNS as any seat award for 12000poins ? anyone pleas help.
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    Re: Sucessful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide booked BNE/SYD/NRT any seat award J RT in 10min over the phone with nice agent.He knew everything I want and Quoted 262000 points (all Inc.) or 120000points+$925 Thank you for the all information.
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    JAL lounge policy for QFF

    They count child (over 3 y.o.) as one guest. I think impossible to accommodate all of your gests. JAL issue guest passes for only their FF member that their family can stay together.