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    Planes clip wings in melbourne

    I was there.. I was on QF618 and we were delayed by the crash. We rolled past the two planes and the pilot on our flight said "and there they are, our poor old 767 and the UA 747 clipped wings" It really didn't look like there was much damage to the 744.. The bent wing tip on the 744...
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    Air Babylon....

    Goodness has anyone looked at this book? by Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous... Rather racey at the end.. A bit morbid as well. Do space waitresses really get up to all of this on long haul?
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    How many active frequent flyer memberships do you have?

    G'day, I have 6 active cards that all have miles.. QFF UA Airfrance Emarates Air Canada REX And of course I still have an Ansett card somewhere in the house.. and of course Virgin and Virgin Atlantic... But these two have no miles.. Only QFF has status.. the others are all...
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    Best Airport in Australia

    To be honest, I actually prefer SYD as a jump off point OS. Unless I'm going to SIN then it really doesn't matter to me. I think BNE is easier to fly out of for a domestic flight. It just doesn't seem as busy as SYD or MEL. I think the worst in terms of captial cities is probably HBT...
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    Jetstar to offer overseas flights

    well.. it kinda works.. Not from the main front page, but from the specials page.. Bizarre..
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    Jetstar to offer overseas flights

    well the two rather nice FA's i had to myself in J on QF25 BNE-SYD seemed to be quite annoyed at qantas.. They seemed to think that AO would be absorbed into Jetstar Asia. The money being spent on the Jetstar brand name far outweighs that of AO. Also something rather concerning and...
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    What is the next step in the Virgin Blue makeover?

    I never pay for J on a any flight.. I usually fly Bidness anyway using my points.. out of the last 25 times i've flown, i reckon i have been at the pointy end 22 times.. and that includes a return trip to PER from MEL.. oh and I got my upgrade early from CHC to SYD.. went to...
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    OT: 2011 Rugby World Cup to be in NZ!!

    Well from what i understand it will be a wholely NZ affair.. No games in AUS or any of the Pacific islands.. The only reason NZ didn't get games in 2003 was because of a corporate advertising deal inside the stadiums in NZ.. They over ran all other contracts for special events and the...
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    OT: 2011 Rugby World Cup to be in NZ!!

    I do seem remember that AirNZ having to get special permission from various Aviation Authorities after painting a plane completely black for one of the world cups in the UK.. not sure if it was the '91 or '99 RWC.. Its actually a shame that Japan didn't get it.. I mean a country that...
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    QFF Member Survey

    ah Midsommarkransen svensk.. How I miss thee.. I've only seen photos of ARL snowed under and 747 still landing..
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    Famous people met/seen while flying.

    SYD CBR is quite short but still gets you 80 SC's return.. Not a bad idea to include in a status run.. I put one of my mates on a BNE-SYD K SYD-CBR J CBR-MEL J MEL-ADL K ADL-PER O run last year.. Help him retain gold..
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    Famous people met/seen while flying.

    Yeah seen shannon noll. He was coming down the escallator at MEL from the QP.. or was it the CL??? Maybe he's one of the celebs who's now self important enough to be in CL.....
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    does anyone think is wildy inaccurate?

    G'day, Just had a butchers hook at some of the australian cities on Some of the comments on the cities in australia are pretty dodgy..
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    The conference guest.....

    Rather wish the conferences would slow down so i can get some real work down.. But Its also handy to get away for abit longer before and after to do some then
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    Do you talk to people on planes?

    Well i do say "hello" when i sit down. I must have had a bad run or three.. I have meet some really nice people though. A couple were going to NY to see there niece get married on rhode island.. Had some very helpful hints and tips about flying. The husband had flown that many times in...