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Recent content by knobbs

  1. K

    Tasmania Border control late July

    The wife and I have some flights booked to Tas on Virgin from the 17th July (before the world got into this situation) and were really hoping for some hiking. We had hope that the 2 week quarantine would be over by then but it seems that Tas' stage 3 that is estimated for the 13th July still has...
  2. K

    Lounge Meets July 2020

    Can I please remove these, something has come up and have needed to cancel our trip, apologies.
  3. K

    100k Qantas Points with Qantas Amex Ultimate Card (ends 22 April 2020)

    Going to throw my referral up there, dreaming of a nice 60k bump
  4. K

    Free [GONE] Free Stuff - x2 QF P1 First Lounge invites expiring 9 Jul 20

    Matt with the goods once again. Giving away Velocity Plat and now 2x F lounge visits. Unfortunately I can't put my hand up for this one, we are only travelling Domestic for my dad + uncles bday into Sydney. Going to meetup with Beau Ryan and Freddy Fittler for lunch, their idols of NRL.
  5. K

    Lounge Meets July 2020

    Date Flight# DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comments Saturday 18 QF637 BNE Any 15:00 onwards -2 LF Entry Saturday 18 JL774 MEL Any 21:40 -2 LF Entry Saturday 18 JL6003 NRT Any 09:05 -2 LF Entry Friday 31 JL773 NRT Any 07:00 -2 LF Entry Friday 31 QF600 MEL Any 04:00 -2 LF Entry
  6. K

    Free Free Stuff - Who Wants to be a VA WP (Velocity Platinum)

    It still is. We did it in 2016 having to trudge through knee high mud in a swamp to get around the guard who spotted us on the way back. It was torrential rail that morning/night and we didn't even get to see the sunrise due to complete cloud coverage. Plan VERY carefully if you do intend to try.
  7. K

    Free Free Stuff - Who Wants to be a VA WP (Velocity Platinum)

    Although I don't post much on here (more lurking) I think I scrape by for the post count. Currently I don't think I could ever be in a position to attain platinum so this would be a once in a lifetime gift. I had gold for a period last year thanks to a flybuys deal and it was great to be able to...
  8. K

    AMEX - Shop Small November 2019

    Interested in a few points you mentioned here. Churning supps earns points and re-activation bonus, what are these and how do I get them?
  9. K

    AMEX - Shop Small November 2019

    I must have went at a bad time 🤣
  10. K

    AMEX - Shop Small November 2019

    Was a middle aged women, although I have heard other people have issues with the asian lady that works there too haha.
  11. K

    AMEX - Shop Small November 2019

    Casino News kicked up a stink and would only let me use 1 AMEX to top up. So don't go in thinking you can get more than 1 card. She said they lose 1.5% because that is what AMEX charge. I told her 'sure no problem add it to my charge', her reply 'No we lose more than that'. Hmmm ok why did you...
  12. K

    AMEX - Shop Small November 2019

    Ahh I see, I thought AMEX only allowed 2 main cards per user so nice MrsMac is now up to 3 main cards haha. Not sure how my math worked out to 35 cards haha. Get them for all you can! I am doing my GoCard run through the Bris CBD today. Only was us QLDers can get a discount on it.
  13. K

    AMEX - Shop Small November 2019

    How do you manage to acquire 35 cards? Let alone have the targeted offer appear on all of them oO?
  14. K

    Shopback Referral

    Shopback have been going tit for tat with cashrewards so serious savings to be had on both, use my referral if you are new to shopback for $5 or $10 if you spend $20
  15. K

    Red Energy 15000 Qantas points. $50 Coles/Myer Voucher referral needed

    Adding my referral code in as well. Have had a friend join using it and got a nice $50 gift card, keep it up! 6806065