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    MELB-WASHINGTON - urgent tickets 4 next week

    I am thinking of the qantas-united combo as they allow 2 x 23kg (this is correct for qantas also isn't it?) where as Vaustralia 2 bags up to a total of 32kg (yes i need the extra kgs). dajob, the Vuastralia ticket from the web site V deal ex-melb, Premium deal ex-Washington for a total of $2700...
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    MELB-WASHINGTON - urgent tickets 4 next week

    Hi all, I need an urgent return ticket melbourne to washington (either Reagon or Dulles) for a 3 day trip next week. best I've found are Vaustralia and a qantas/united combo both at $2700 AUD. Any one have any ideas of sales or cheap tickets ???? :confused: PS: which of the above would eran...
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    Skywards and Velocity

    Can I points on Emirates flights for both Skywards and Velocity ? Or only for one ? I heard claiming both was possible. :lol:
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    Dubai - lounges + sightseeing

    Hi all, I have a trip through Dubai. GO the way through I have 4 hours or so stop over. I have Star Alliance Silver stat and Mastercard Gold - can I get access to a lounge for free ? Or should I pay for the 1.Dubai business lounge or 2. the Marhaba Lounge - which on e of these two are best ...
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    where and how to pool points ? new credit card ?

    Hi all, I have a velocity account and too date have claimed emirate and malaysian flights on this account. I also have a star alliance and qantas account. I have registered for Emirates Skywards but have not claimed any points- preferring to pool my emirate flights on my velocity account (1...
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    Who's cancelled their Velocity credit card?

    :confused: How does one track which bank is offering heaps of points and fees waivered and stuff ? ( I suspect from this forum)
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    Velocity or QFF points ?

    Another reason I like the AMEX is I get : 1. 90 purchase protection - for lost or stolen thing s I have purchased 2. automatic extended warranty - 1 and 2yr become 3ys; 3->4, 4->5 years warranty 3. and the travel insurance (not that I travel heaps) but it sounds nice :) I will have to think...
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    Velocity or QFF points ?

    The AMEX Velocity (NAB) card offers travel insurance if 50% is purchased with the AMEX card. Basically I am not a frequent flyer or business person that travels alot - just collecting points :p - experimenting and let's see if it becomes of use in 1-2 years - otherwise goodbye to the credit...
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    Velocity or QFF points ?

    Basically I am after points that will get me stuff - preferablly travel or tech stuff. Without reading all the conditions and reading all the posts on these forums I took a chance with the Velocity card - also liked their ad about 'redeemaphobia' - hopefully I won't be suffering from that with...
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    Velocity NAB Amex and Visa on one velocity account

    Yes I believe there will be 2 sets of fees - but each free for the first year (and maybe beyond if negociated :) Yes the points were offered on both so I should get both! hopefully :|
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    Velocity NAB Amex and Visa on one velocity account

    I have the Amex Velocity and recently was told that I could have the Visa as well I (since AMEX is not accepted everywhere). Is this true ? :confused: Also, will I get the 10K or 15K points that are on offer for both (the AMEX was applied for last month) ? :confused:
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    Velocity or QFF points ?

    Though I have a NAB Velocity Credit Card. I thought (for some reason) that this was the way to go. I am not sure if in a year I should stay with velocity point or get a Qantas FF Credit card. :?: I have both the NAB AMEX and Visa (recent application) both linked to my Velocity Card...
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    Best points ? Best Credit Card?

    Hi all.... I am new to this point collecting habit. I am currently a member of flybuys and velocity. I am thinking between a NAB VISA credit card attached to my FLY BUYS and a NAB AMEX attached to my VELOCITY- it has a yearly fee of $140 (free the first year) with travel insurance ($65 without...