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    New Amex statement credits

    Looks to be a targetted offer as I don't see them on platinum charge/reserve cards.
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    Flight options from MEL to HNL

    Was waiting for someone to say this to me :P , I already checked the fare and looks to be 500 less than the other carriers. For me , does not make sense to pay same price with no benefits. So the though of looking for other flight options where I could use my FF status , if possible.
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    Flight options from MEL to HNL

    Hi everyone - Can anyone suggest me any possible VA flight options from Melbourne to Hawaii around Jul 2022. I tried online but does not seem to give me any options in VA. Any pointers or tips to book tickets will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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    Qantas - Amex Cash Back

    Looking for suggestions on how to use Qantas cashback offer if there are no flights planned as the offer seems to be expiring today and I don't have any travel plans in near future. Thanks
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    Free 2x Virgin Australia lounge passes to give away

    Kia Ora :) I hope this answers the place ( flag is partially visible in #3)
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    aah , I missed that point. However I had called up only once and as I had to use up travel credit I ended up keeping the card. But I will definitely move all my DD's to different card before calling them again so I know if they are for real not having any retention offers tagged against my account.
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    New Amex statement credits

    Sorry for my silly query , Does that mean we could just walk-in and claim the 5% discount even if we don't have the Amex Ampol offer.
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    Pay GWW Bill with Amex

    Unfortunately that option is not provided else that was my first resort :) Thanks for the suggest on Gift cards , but I was looking at avoiding a visit to Coles/Woolies. Will look out for gift card promotions and go for it.
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    Pay GWW Bill with Amex

    Does anyone know if there is a way we can pay Great Western Water bill using an amex card. Bill pay or online are not an option as they only accept Visa/Mastercard ? THANKS IN ADVANCE
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    SIN lounge crawl 12 June 2022

    Interested , gold at the moment. Have work and personal commitments to sort out around that time.
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    I have tried that path but negative. Did not get any offers and was straight away asked to confirm if the card can be cancelled. I ended up keeping the card.
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    Hi there

    Welcome @MickeyB to AFF family!!!
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    Earn SC on Reward Travel & Bonus SC Revenue until March 2022

    I have booked return tickets for travel in Jan 2022 from MEL - CNS ; the booking was made with future flights credits. My question is if that would be considered revenue ticket or reward ticket and if I will be eligible to get the bonus SCs. On other thought , as it's extended till Feb 2023 ...
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    Fx fee waiver

    I did not know that it was even remotely possible. In my experience FX fee charged by Amex is not one of the best compared.
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    Ascent Premium Points to Krisflyer Transfer Bonus

    Did anyone receive a mailer for Krisflyer bonus promotion for transferring points from banking partners. The advertised promo is for 15% bonus on transferring 10K krisflyer miles or more. Is it a fair deal ? Thanks