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Recent content by klm597

  1. klm597

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Welcome! They are typically hidden away in one of the beer fridges and easily missed. You've got three flavours to try as well!
  2. klm597

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Koyomi Highball / Shochu has been available in the BNE, SYD and MEL lounges for a few months now if you wanted to try something a little different. Only 0.8 standard drinks per can but still very enjoyable IMO.
  3. klm597

    Answered Virgin Platinum seat selection on Etihad

    Seems like we've all had the same experiences with the bulkhead economy rows always going out empty on Etihad. At least this time it is more complicated in our favour! I can only dream of the day when VA status holders receive third-party lounge access when travelling with their other partners...
  4. klm597

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Hot dogs in the BNE domestic lounge tonight (Friday) which were very popular as always but replenished quickly. Beer fridge was looking a little empty but 4 Pines on tap was flowing freely. Must have been a big week for many in Brissie. 😂
  5. klm597

    Answered Virgin Platinum seat selection on Etihad

    Sorry to hear you couldn't select seats online after the check-in window opens but I'm glad to hear you could do it via a call. Very surprised they couldn't / wouldn't do the same for the later legs in the same journey, I would have pushed a little on that front. I could definitely select...
  6. klm597

    VA withdraws all services from Hong Kong

    It's is a huge shame that they are pulling the plug but understandable given recent events. With the US 3 airlines all pausing Hong Kong flights it's no surprise. I do wonder if Qantas will pause a few of their Hong Kong flights soon as well. I'd love to see Virgin Atlantic restart Tokyo (NRT...
  7. klm597

    VA premium economy to USA - what is the fare type for AU domestic connections?

    Expedia and ITA Matrix both display the fare codes for each leg of a journey. Looks like both 'Preimium' and 'Premium Saver' tickets book into the 'Y' fare class for domestic connections which translates to a Freedom ticket so you are in luck!
  8. klm597

    Virgin Australia Light Fare Class

    Hmmm, after a bit of research this definitely just seems like a way to bump up the price of the Getaway fares whilst also reducing overhead costs associated with the masses traveling on the cheapest Light fares. With international economy airfare prices continuing to slowly fall worldwide it's...
  9. klm597

    Virgin Australia Light Fare Class

    And would you look at that the SC earn tables have also been updated. I think there is a typo in one of the book-by dates as they conflict one another but ignoring that, it looks like they've split the SC earn for Getaway and Elevate (GOOD :) ) so Elevate fares earn a little more, and the new...
  10. klm597

    Virgin Australia Light Fare Class

    And so it begins..... If they are only introducing this on the long haul flights to HKG/HND/LAX then this doesn't seem like the end of the world. No difference on-board and I doubt many travelers check more than one piece of luggage anyway. The only major differences are fewer mileage...
  11. klm597

    Up to 20,000 bonus Velocity points on VA long-haul flights [ends 9/2/20]

    Not quite as generous as the offer last year for USA flights which was 10,000 bonus points for a return economy booking regardless of fare class. Still good to see an offer like this again especially with it being expanded to LHR/HKG/HND. I'll hold off for a double SC offer however - fingers...
  12. klm597

    Etihad 2 Night Free Stopover Abu Dhabi

    I've flown Etihad's A380, 787 and A330 in economy - the 787's seats do feel significantly narrower than on the A380 and A330. The A380 also has a tail-cam in the IFE, definitely go for the A380 if it's priced similarly to the 777 flight. I usually wait until on-line check-in opens and selected...
  13. klm597

    Etihad Lounge in KL

    Ahhh, coming off a connecting flight makes things a bit more difficult. I don't know how transiting in KUL works but I'd assume you'd already have your boarding pass for the onward EY flight before arrival as it's all one booking. That might be enough to get you into the lounge, otherwise a...
  14. klm597

    VA flights now (randomly) posting to Velocity quicker [Dec 2019]

    I just called 13 18 75 (the one on the membership card) and went through the usual prompts as if for a normal VA booking query. I did get directed to the premium call centre after putting in my VA Gold number so that might have sped up the call however.
  15. klm597

    Etihad Lounge in KL

    VA Golds and Plats have access to the same lounge as business class guests when travelling on Etihad from outstations (ie: not in AUH). This includes 3rd party contract lounges (unlike when flying SQ). Etihad's website seems to be constantly changing but you can search which lounge Etihad uses...