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Recent content by kiwitripper64

  1. kiwitripper64

    A Duck flies north - to Sweden and Norway

    Great report We have been in Denmark and just now Norway so it was great to see your report a few cities away and use your tips in Bergen
  2. kiwitripper64

    Pyjamas - "exhibitionists looking for attention,"

    Then there was the Lufthansa man in first class
  3. kiwitripper64

    A Duck flies north - to Sweden and Norway

    Interesting that we have all picked on on printing info out. Digital devices are great, really great, but I keep telling our kid and younger colleagues to carry paper and I sometimes feel old. Until the come back with stories of 60min spent arguing at the desk about a booking/ flight/luggage...
  4. kiwitripper64

    Itinerary for Canadian Rockies

    It looks like you’re going to have an amazing trip. The drive from Banf to Jasper is amazing. As mentioned look for groups of parked cars, they will have stopped to look at bears and probably bear cubs. The drive from Jasper to Kamloops is wilderness. No phone reception and very few towns. Full...
  5. kiwitripper64

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Red eye flight, Villa Maria then mini golf. Back to Airport, another bubbly. Sorted. Throw in an apple and its the perfect day. Travel, culture, exercise, diet, sleep. So good that maybe the Department of Health should start...
  6. kiwitripper64

    Question Best snorkel / dive beach area in SE Asia

    Hello I am allowed to book our holiday overseas on the basis of NO SNOW. :confused:. Mrs KT has requirements of sun, beach and snorkeling in Feb 2020, so I am thinking Thailand ( maybe PhiPhi) and /or Vietnam (Maybe Ha Long Bay, Hoi An or Phu Quoc). I would love any tips, suggestions and advice...
  7. kiwitripper64

    Emirates taking liberties with medical assistance?

    This was not meant to be ignore the sick or distressed, as I said, it could be the story where your relative /friend needed help. But it should also be about the person on holiday who has given help. This thread started with a post stating EK staff welcomed a member of the public onto a plane...
  8. kiwitripper64

    Emirates taking liberties with medical assistance?

    Airlines seem happy to ask for help from medical staff when required. And you can think "how would I feel if my relative was sick on a flight?" Has anyone stories of what compensation is offered for helping. When you are on a flight you have paid for a chair, meal and a drink or 2. No one...
  9. kiwitripper64

    Menu roulette

    In Japan with the family and we were in a small restaurant. We could not make out the menu and tehy could not translate. We pointed to an item, said "chicken" and the reply was Hai. We repeated this and all responses Hai. We all enjoyed the meals but 2 were definitely not chicken. Another...
  10. kiwitripper64

    Lounge Meets August 2019

    Date Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comment 29/8/19 qf152 AKL QF 05.30 1 29/8/19 qf37 MEL QF F 10.00 1 may be changed 29/8/19 QF1 SIN QF 23.00 30/8/19 BA842 LHR BA 08.00 1 T5
  11. kiwitripper64

    Lounge Meets July 2019

    Date Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comment Friday 26 July QF146 AKL QF 1400 +1 Must be same flight Monday 29 July QF147 SYD QF F 1400 +1 Must be same flight
  12. kiwitripper64

    Whats your best experience on a delayed flight?

    We have all been held up on planes going nowhere and it can suck. After one late departure SYD-AKL we arrived very late and sat at the gate for 35 min because they could not get the air-bridge to connect. At 3am we were not amused. But what about the times where a delay is unexpectedly good...
  13. kiwitripper64

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    Will points club get many more people into the lounges? QC looks full most of the time, so I am wondering how many more expected to have access and how QF are planning to manage
  14. kiwitripper64

    Qantas priority boarding - crippled by Communists?

    We had a combination of ground staff and cabin crew. It was cabin crew who asked the Chinese to board appropriately
  15. kiwitripper64

    Qantas priority boarding - crippled by Communists?

    Last month we flew QF158 AKL-MEL. The flight was running late and the departure lounge was packed. The staff announced preferred boarding for business / status and there was a general push to the desk. We were pleasantly surprised to see PB being enforced in English, Spanish and Mandarin. The...