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    PV user travelling to USA

    Hope a PV (personal vaporiser) user can help here. We are fly QF and AA over to Miami next week. My husband is a vaper and will be taking 210ml of e-juice in total in 5 small bottles for his enjoyment over our 5 week cruise. The 5 bottles will fit nicely into the 3-1-1 bag, but think it may...
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    Transferring QF to AA in LAX

    Our QF Bne-Lax flight arrives 6.30am and AA flight to MIA departs 9.30am. TA says we will have enough time and that 2 hrs only is required. That said I don't want to miss our AA flight (both flights were booked with QF by the TA), hence my question today. So we collect luggage, clear customs...
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    Any complimentary QF transfer Domestic - International at Brisbane ?

    Thanks for the photo...I know where that bus stop is .
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    Any complimentary QF transfer Domestic - International at Brisbane ?

    I searched the QF site for this transfer service, but it may have been discontinued. Has it been replaced with the $5 pp Skygate airport transit bus? If so, can you tell me where that bus stop is at the domestic terminal? We are arriving at the Qantas end of domestic. Is it still a yellow bus...
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    LAX - MIA : enough time for connecting flight

    April 27 - one PNR. I hope we're not late in. Last time we organised ESTA it was free now it's $15. Has to be one of the least expensive visas.
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    LAX - MIA : enough time for connecting flight

    Yes both flights on the same ticket. We were last in the USA in 2011. How long is the ESTA valid for?
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    LAX - MIA : enough time for connecting flight

    Flying into LAX on the QF 15 flight out of Brisbane next year. It's our first time into LAX and our connecting AA flight to Miami leaves from Terminal 4. From a map, it looks to be close. We arrive at 6:40 am and the AA flight departs at 9:15 am. Is this sufficient time to allow for Immigration...
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    One for the vapers - E-cigs and juice

    Travelling to Europe and need to know if UK customs (Heathrow) allow you to bring a personal supply of e-juice into the country. I know there are e-cig shops in London, so possibly there should be no drama. Should I declare it in any case?
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    Meal Times on BRISBANE - LONDON flight?

    Flight leaves BNE at 1:00am, arrives HKG 8:00am ( a 9 hr flight) and finally LON at 3:00pm (a 13 hr flight). If anyone has done this CX flight, would you recall when the meal times were? I find it annoying when a meal appears in the middle of a sleep. We are told to set our watches to the...
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    First time flying business with Cathay - personal 'travel kit' info please

    As I don't want to double up on what the airline may provide bus. class pax, what personal care items do you receive for in flight use? We are flying Brisbane-Heathrow next month. Many thanks, Anna
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    Wine Purchase when leaving Australia

    Is it OK to buy wine after security check (in duty free store) to take onboard for a CX flight Brisbane - HK - London? I note we can take 2 litres of champagne and 2 litres of still wine pp. Can we expect any dramas when changing flights in Hong Kong? We've always purchased at the end of our...
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    Nicorette Quickmist allowed in hand luggage/ on person?

    Happy to hear that. Thanks for replying :)
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    Nicorette Quickmist allowed in hand luggage/ on person?

    Thanks for that. Certainly would be a lifesaver for the long flights.
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    Nicorette Quickmist allowed in hand luggage/ on person?

    Is the Nicorette Quickmist spray(nicotine replacement therary) allowed in hand luggage for long haul flight? It's not an aerosol and looks like a large mouth freshener. I've bought one for my husband to use on a CX flight Brisbane-London. As it is also less than 100ml, it will be in his ziploc...
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    Which airlines Brisbane to West coast USA have a Honolulu stopover ?

    Looking to follow pricing as well as subscribe to special offers for any airline that flies over to Vancouver or Anchorage, with a Honolulu stopover. We can chose whether to board the ship in Vancouver or Anchorage. I understand that from Honolulu you can get a direct flight to Anchorage or...