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Recent content by kcoulson

  1. kcoulson

    How many waitlisted flights should I book to be confident that I will get a result?

    I have booked business class flights (X4) to Europe in July 2020 - and I am now looking for flights home (during school holidays and the European summer). I have booked 4 waitlisted options back to Australia, but I am wondering whether that is enough? I have only found 1 option that isn't...
  2. kcoulson

    ANZ Frequent Flyer Black double points offer

    I received a letter in the mail with the double point offer, which coincided with the interest rate increasing (at the same time that interest rates are reducing). I think the double points lasted for a month, but I will need to find the letter to confirm.
  3. kcoulson

    Virgin Flyer Card - now 75k introductory points

    What about health insurance payments - could this be considered a semi-government transaction???? Am I safe making a $1500 payment (to health insurance) to count towards the minimum spend?
  4. kcoulson

    Vent - flights and airline changed- no warning

    They didn’t give us any information about the change. No - stand alone ticket. Not late - arrived hours early, and was in the queue as soon as it opened.
  5. kcoulson

    Vent - flights and airline changed- no warning

    Sorry don’t have the exact details on me - but from looking at my diary it was Friday 29th June on a 10:55am flight. It appeared to be leaving (we were in the Brussels airline queue to checkin). We got to the counter and were told that our tickets had been ‘cancelled’, and to see customer service.
  6. kcoulson

    Vent - flights and airline changed- no warning

    Yes, all contact details were correct. I received emails a week prior asking me to bid for upgrades (4 people and you had to bid for each section - Manchester to Brussels, and separately for Brussels to Stockholm). I had also logged in to my booking to check the luggage allowance, so there were...
  7. kcoulson

    Vent - flights and airline changed- no warning

    We booked directly with Brussels airlines.
  8. kcoulson

    Vent - flights and airline changed- no warning

    Yes, a little vent in frustration. Arrived at the Manchester airport this morning after flights from Melbourne - to discover at checkin that the Brussels airlines flights we had booked 9 months ago, had been changed with no warning (no email) to later times on Lithuania airlines. The time change...
  9. kcoulson

    Radisson Rewards - 75% bonus to purchase

    Just wondering if anyone else got the email yesterday with the 75% flash sale? You buy points and get a 75% bonus. Applies from 16 April till 22 April. Looks like a 70,000 point (the max) purchase is $280 (probably US$) and only transfers to 5000 ff points (aadvantage or krisflyer are options)...
  10. kcoulson

    Which program to target - family trip to LA/Vancouver/Alaska

    Hi Everyone, I’m planning a trip to Western Canada in July 19 - and am starting to think about the best solution to getting 4 people to LA/Vancouver/Alaska. I normally target KrisFlyer but can see that the high redemption rates make this strategy less appealing for North America. I’m happy to...
  11. kcoulson

    Latest Velocity BP Fuel Offers

    We got a version of this offer - 200 bonus points for buying any type of fuel (no minimum) till Sept 3. When I initially read the offer, I thought it was a once off - but after reading the fine print, I think it is unlimited. I rarely use this Velocity card (usually use mine) . Hubby will be...
  12. kcoulson

    Child's trip to Japan

    Thanks for the info (I wasn't aware that there are fares that don't earn points). Assuming that the school booked the fares normally (it is only a small group of 12 plus 2 adults) - would I be best to put down her Krisflyer number or her Velocity number? She currently has 500 krisflyer...
  13. kcoulson

    Child's trip to Japan

    Hi, my daughter is on a school trip to Japan next month. I want to ensure that we get the points from the trip. The Melb-Tokyo trip is on Singapore Airlines, there is also a domestic leg on Virgin (then the same coming back). All in economy. I have a couple of questions, that I though...
  14. kcoulson

    BankWest Rewards: Platinum 75k pts/yr + 75k pts bonus, World 115k pts/yr + 115k bonus

    Re: BankWest Rewards: Platinum 75k pts/yr + 75k pts bonus, World 115k pts/yr + 115k b These credit cards (in the link above) don't transfer to ff points. The Bankwest Qantas MasterCard World is the card that transfers to Qantas points (but there no big sign up bonus).
  15. kcoulson

    250 Free QFF points on QF app

    I found me 250 points easily, but hubby's points were not on the feed. (and he also got the email). Will try again later for his.