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    QF Survey of new WP/P1 / post LTG benefits

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    Amex Australia - Centurion Card Eligibility

    Is EK Gold ongoing like Hilton or once off I.e. one year?
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    Points Club speculation

    Not long now till this launches if they're keeping to "Late 2019".....
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    Amex Australia - Centurion Card Eligibility

    Yep literally just called usual number on back of card - last night around 8:30pm so no Aus call centre and just ask: Would I be eligible for the Cent card?
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    Amex Australia - Centurion Card Eligibility

    Had a very talkative Phillipines agent so thought I'd quiz her on eligibility for Australian Cent card: You can request an invitation to Centurion after holding Plat Charge for at least 6 to 12months by calling up Likely eligible is $100k p.a. spend i.e. ~$8.3k p.m. (They can check your past...
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    Called up 2 days ago ~8pm for Phillipines call centre for my AX plat charge and said: "hello, as it's the new FY I'm considering my finances and wanted to know if there's any offers on my account?" Straight away offered 50k pts. Accepted and credited to acct within the hour. Not bad for 2min...
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    Qantas Premier Platinum Money Concierge

    I had same issue - got through really quick after clicking the "i lost my card" option and playing dumb..."Oh this isn't the concierge team; silly me!"
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    CBA World Debit Mastercard invitation

    Messaged CBA asking for more info: “The world debit MasterCard is currently offered to randomly selected customers so we currently don't have any application process for the card. If you haven't received an offer at this time, we may have more rounds of offers in the near future.” “The...
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    Hilton Silver status for AMEX Explorer holder

    Have noticed this on my free Plat Reserve (currently have Plat Charge, Hilton Gold) so not much use but interesting....
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Re: QF Upgrade Success Rate 1x Y+ to J on SYD-HKG QF127 (I'm SG) @ T-41 hours.
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    Cost Check for HKG-JNB on QF Classic Award on CX

    Wow that was quick! Thanks so much guys! :)
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    Cost Check for HKG-JNB on QF Classic Award on CX

    Just wondering if someone with 100k points could do me a favour and check the cost of taxes on these 2 flight (HKG-JNB) on CX return. Thanks in advance! (I'm a bit short on points till my new amex signup posts)
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    AMEX lounge Melbourne expected end of 2017

    Just visited the AMEX Syd lounge and asked the attendant if there were plans for a Melbourne AMEX lounge. She said they're intending to have one open by the end of the year! :)
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    Benefits for supplementary holder of Amex Plat Charge?

    Awesome! Thanks for all the responses :)
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    Benefits for supplementary holder of Amex Plat Charge?

    Does the hotel status (e.g. Hilton HHonors Gold) apply to the supplementary holder as well?