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    New domestic routes

    REX announced the cessation of SYD-BNK on the 3rd Feb. (Rex strafes Qantas over 'capacity dumping' as it ditches Ballina)
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    2018 Travel - the year in review thread

    Average for me. Looking forward to less this year. Unique Airports 33 Carriers 20 Countries 20 Vehicles 24 Distance Total flown 372991 km Around the world 9.31x To the Moon 0.970x To Mars 0.0067x Journey records Longest HKG↔EWR, 12952 km, 15:30 Shortest SYD↔NTL, 142 km, 00:49 Average 3845...
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    BKK Intl to Intl transfer - bags not tagged all the way

    EK have an interline agreement with MH which I have used on seperate tickets. I suspect even though you are on a QF flight number the EK agent will ticket through to KL. Having said that, if Qantas won't, you would need to check-in in Sydney, i.e collect your bag in SYD domestic and check-in...
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    MPC Shakeup - A New Chapter for the Marco Polo Club

    Re: MPC Shakeup II - Revised Elite Status Qualification Levels Thanks for being a geek Mark. Very helpful calculator. :)
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    Any way for an Aussie to stay in Europe longer than 3 months?

    Don't worry it's Europe. I spent over a year just occasionally going to the UK...
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    How much have you flown in 2014.

    Thank God 2014 is over for me... It was a big one again. Flights 133 Airports 35 Carriers 18 Countries 19 Plane Types 18 Total Distance 548057 km Journey records Longest MEL↔LAX, 12749 km, Shortest BOS↔JFK, 299 km, Airport records...
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    How much have you flown in 2013?

    136 segments 303595 miles 21 days From and tripit! I would never remember....
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    Baggage Emirates Qantas on separate Flight Numbers

    Yes and yes. You may have to pick up your QF boarding pass at HKG, but that is all fairly easy. Transfer points are well signed and there are many (4?) throughout the airport so bound to be one close to the gate you land at.
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    How quick did you make Platinum?

    3.5 weeks this year. 1st Sep start, qualified on the 24th. Currently wondering if I should bother to go for P1 or change to Cathay as I am based in HK....
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    Stuff Left in Hotel

    Tony I suffer the same problem! In the last 2 years about 10 pairs of cufflinks, a suit, chargers galore and somewhere $500 in a safe ;-) Never remember until I get home and then can't remember what hotel....
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    QF to join forces with Qatar [?]

    This article really sums up the issues facing Oneworld's move into the ME. oneworld's BA and Qantas may shake up global alliances irreversibly as Emirates and Qatar enter | CAPA Glad I dont work in aviation ;-)
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    Is there any point in being a part of two ff programs part of the same alliance?

    I'm based in HKG so am also interested. How did you get comped? And from what program? JWAK
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    QF makes it difficult to fly with them.....

    I am sitting on 4000 status credits and my year expires in August. As only half are QF flights, I was half thinking about going for P1 so tried to book the codeshare to London. I can't! The QF site only lists the BA numbers. Also the site won't offer HKG-SIN-LON. Any ideas? Thanks in...
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    MEL-SYD weekly commute - talk me out of it

    I did it for a couple of years. Word of warning, an understanding partner and, as ReLoad pointed out, a comfortable apartment in Sydney. Seriously don't underestimate the importance of being happy when you are away. jwak
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    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    Sadly no driving for me in Shanghai. Just swapped an X5 & TT (Mid life crisis) for a 530li... Jwak