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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    First drop is Barossa not McLaren Vale!
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals First Drop Dragons Blood??
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    - WA cab blend 96 pt - is it Woodlands Margaret?
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    Thomas Hardy Cab sav 2012 - seems to match
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    Botchee - the rating on the Haselgrove website matches VM - 2011 Cruth JH 95 pts etc. I think the97 pts is the 2012 vintage
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    Is this another Haselgrove Cruth - VM seem to be off loading quite a few of their wines at the moment
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    Limousine transfers

    If emirates have the service ie when arriving in MAD then if you fly to LHR and connect via BA to MAD - shouldnt QF provide the limo - both from & to the airport?
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    Qantas / Emirates tie up (Partnership inc. Codeshare, Status)

    If EK tie up occurs - we could avoid LHR & fly direct to a European destination- brilliant!!!
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    Virgin Status issue

    VA can have any rule they like. The question is do we think its fair in comparison with QF? Esp for ADL travel where VA service isnt always direct. If its easier to maintain status with QF then they may find people crossing back.
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    Experience with trying to claim Guaranteed Reward Seats

    Similar exp. I booked for 4 - took some convincing re the rules but eventually coughed up the seats (25 mins checking with supervisor) - in Dec for this July School hols. My beef is the variable earn rate. QF is easier to understand - only one D/J rate - and all flights earn SC unlike SQ etc
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    LHR T5 Galleries access denied for additional child guest

    I am referring in particular to the 23 kg limit per bag v QF which is 32 kg. ie when you catch AA from IAD to LAX then QF its a 23 kg limit. One consistent policy across OWE incl a family policy would negate these issues. I note OWE already has such policies such as F lounge access.
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    LHR T5 Galleries access denied for additional child guest

    QF need to bring some of the other OWE members out of the dark ages. Not only re lounge access but also baggage allow. - esp BA & AA.
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    Adelaide lounge.

    Great lounge + staff. Getting a touch crowded (not like QC) may need an expansion
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    SQ Lounge Access

    Recent x2 SQ from ADL - no issues re priority board/ lounge. The only prob. Is in SIN - no priority & the lounge - gold Kris is pure cough. - wine is worse than cattle class & food is sparse let alone the lack of a toilet. SQ does this to even the top SA tier members.
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    Points and Status Credits on EY flights/bus

    Hi on a similar vein, if i book with EY flight numbers but travel part on VA metal, does this ( the VA metal sectors) qualify for the 4 - 8 sectors to maintain Gold/ plat staus on VA? Also will status credits be applied on each different flight number or final destination - ie one domestic...