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Recent content by Jousams

  1. Jousams

    AmEx Platinum Global Dining Collection Benefit on Pause

    maybe its just me but ive always been underwhelmed by the benefit. I remember my receipt at Sake in the rocks had VIP on it? Certainly didn't feel like a VIP. Come to think of it, thats the most recognition ive got as an amex plat cardholder ever.
  2. Jousams

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    You had me until you started with the orange man bad crap.
  3. Jousams

    Lounge Meets August 2020

    QF11 Syd-LAX-JFK August 6 + 1 to QF J or Amex lounge in SYD & LAX (if Amex is open in lax then) -1 to F lounges in SYD & Lax
  4. Jousams

    LAX early checkin

    Hi all Am flying LAX-SYD on VA 2 tomorrow in J. I understand checkin opens 3 hours prior to dearture at 11:15pm however I will be at LAX at about 6:30pm. The BNE flight is leaving at 9:45pm, so I assume the checkin will be physically open at 6:45. Does anyone know if VA will let me checkin...
  5. Jousams

    so what routes will VA cut ?

    The domestic business is actually performing okay. EBIT was about $215m i wouldn't expect major cuts here.
  6. Jousams

    AMEX Platinum Charge - VA LA Lounge Access

    Yeah fair enough. I really rate the card. Without trying to come across as too much of a vulture; I’m happy to provide you a referral for the card if you do decide to take it up 😂.
  7. Jousams

    AMEX Platinum Charge - VA LA Lounge Access

    Onc Once you factor in all the travel credits + the free accor night. The annual fee is quite manageable. Travel for work? No reason why some of the fee wouldn’t be tax deductible on account of the lounge access you are offered.
  8. Jousams

    Velocity Voice

    Winder was genius in virgin HQ come up with this idea.. Just give us lifetime status & star alliance membership. That’s the only feedback you need...
  9. Jousams

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    I’m just sitting here with all my KrisFlyer miles like
  10. Jousams

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    It’s a bigger change than a partner deval or or the introduction of LTWP.
  11. Jousams

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    The current qantas money, insurance, Et al. Sit under the qantas loyalty banner. So kinda is
  12. Jousams

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    Pardon the pun. But my money is on the bank of Qantas.
  13. Jousams

    Book the Cook- Recommendations

    Has anyone ever had the roast chicken breast with mushroom cream out of Sydney? Flying with a bit of a picky eater next month and keen to hear/see how this one is.
  14. Jousams

    AMEX Platinum Charge - 100k points referral bonus (one-off)

    Hi all; i have also received a link. If you are interested please PM. Because the referral offer to me is also quite attractive, I'm happy to contribute a few hundred dollars toward the first year annual fee.
  15. Jousams

    Your Golden Opportunity (massive amex referral bonus)

    Well i'm struggling to find someone to take up my plat charge referral. If anyone is interested PM me. Id be happy to contribute a few hundred $ toward the first year annual fee is anyone is interested.