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Recent content by johnnyk

  1. J

    Looking for VPN recommendation

  2. J

    Signature Card -> Premier Card

    All the benefits of my Signature card and FFFL will be transferred to the Citi Premier card, so I have been told by Citibank
  3. J

    Velocity app

    Just got an email from Velocity promoting its latest app, the write up sounded good so I thought I would give it a go. Lord behold not many users , and then this, This app is incompatible with all your devices. Lol. Is this their way at trying to force us who are not interested in getting the...
  4. J

    No more card retention teams ?

    Oh dont worry they will, once the whole system goes cashless they will have full control over your finances and data on your spending habits. Be a good boy/girl or you wont be able to fly to that OS holiday, and make sure your Tax bill is paid before you go,. coming real soon.
  5. J

    No more card retention teams ?

    Hopefully this wont apply to the FFFL Citibank Signature card in regards to FFFL being with drawn. After all it is a contract that both party's happily entered into.
  6. J

    Citibank Signature replaced wih Visa Infinite (but not Prestige) Round 2

    Just got my replacement FFFL Signature card, no longer Visa Infinite. uploaded a pic for your viewing pleasure. Citi Premier Found more info on the benefits of this card here. Credit Card Review: Citi ThankYou Premier Card - The Points Guy
  7. J

    Targeted - 5000 points for doing a test drive

    Recently had the 5000 points credited, and only one follow up call. decided to stick to my old car as the new ones didnt have 4x4 manual in standard diesel. Still nice car for some who dont have any preferences
  8. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    And that's exactly what I intend to do. Don't get me wrong now, I like law and order, But I will decide if I want to contract with anyone, I may answer the IPC questions but I won't sign that paper, so you see the honest answers will be there to their questions. I am not fearful of the BF...
  9. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    Yeah some may say that, some may not, but that's why we have the freedom to ask questions for now, soon maybe you wont. Best go watch some TV .
  10. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    No, not that I recall
  11. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    Thats an old one, no more than 25grms of tobacco now. Interestingly no mention of a Fine anywhere. for refusing to fill in the card.
  12. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    Yes they could but that could land them no man's land as once your gone through the passport control then technically your in Australia. going the other path might stop you from entering., just saying
  13. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    My right to say NO. Im just asking the question and so far no one has given me the answer. Lots of what might happen, and the inconvenience some would put the BF staff at etc It is their job. And as some have mentioned they can already confiscate your laptop, phone passwords etc when you come...
  14. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    I dont care about being at the airport. Let's see if the refusal will make them stay professional or turn them in criminals as some have suggested, by making things hard. If I can help them have a laugh that will make my day, but they will work for it believe me, Our human rights are not forsale
  15. J

    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    If you’re traveling to New Zealand, you should be aware of the Customs and Excise Act of 2018. It just went into effect at the beginning of October. New Zealand Customs and Border agents can now demand passwords for any electronic devices you bring into the country. They can download the entire...