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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Not easy and for now we've given up - approval from Australian government - approval from Thai Embassy which is not as easy as it sounds - covid test 3 days before departure - fit to fly certificate from doctor before flying - choosing and paying for quarantine hotel up front - forget trying to...
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    So we got the travel exemption within 12 hours of applying Sunday night. Didn't realise needed to obtain arrival permission from Thai Embassy to return to Thailand and that is proving very difficult. Thai Embassy in Brisbane closed, Canberra not taking calls but there is a 24 hour emergency...
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Unfortunately I cannot go anywhere. I won't travel until quarantine restrictions cease at both ends and we return to normal if that ever eventuates. Checking the website again. Why do they make it so confusing?
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    That's the website I checked. Still don't know how I missed the part about staying 3 months or longer. Wife is Thai, daughter born in Thailand and dual citizenship so no issues with onward travel. Also aware of quarantine and at 60,000+ baht for 2 it is not cheap at all. No supporting...
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Oh that's encouraging to know. I must have missed that in all the websites I visited last night. I'll send off an email. We've found a decent one-way airfare. I don't want to stuff around with return dates and trying to get refunds.
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    General Coronavirus chit chat thread - non-travel specific

    We can easily write everything off as OK. We have a very short time in this life and trying to stay out of harms way. Way too many people are very complacent, very selfish, very foolish. This fight is not over.
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    General Coronavirus chit chat thread - non-travel specific

    Wasn't referring to Queensland. But for another discussion Australian states should really split and form their own countries. Not very much in common between each of the states.
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Not great news but somewhat encouraging for me. 2020 is a year to try and forget quickly. On another note and can't seem to find relevant discussion. My father in law is not in good health and mother in law not coping well. My wife has been wanting to go back to Thailand for an extended period...
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    Will you vaccinate with Conoravirus vaccine when one is available?

    No. Everything moving too quickly and too many moving parts. But on the other hand how can I safely return to Thailand?
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    General Coronavirus chit chat thread - non-travel specific

    I've been away for a while. Conspiracy theory? Every single country in the world is suffering except for one. Enough said....
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    New Member

    Welcome to AFF @Pat B.
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    Hey all you cool people !

    Welcome to AFF @scoobs214. I love economy too but haven't travelled for 7 months. Itching to get back in the air.
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    Jetstar starts selling more interstate flights from June

    Why have social distancing in place at all then? At a supermarket or other stores you may queue for 1-2 minutes waiting for checkout so that's less than 15 minutes and people walking past you shouldn't be an issue either? Why have the restriction of only 1 person per lift in the shopping...
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    Are you Going to use the COVIDsafe App?

    Who said the Australia card campaign was a failure? I'm not interested in another tracking mechanism unless it becomes compulsory for future travel but in a way I'm glad the majority are complying as it will highlight they are not practicing social distancing when out and about.
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    How will international travel work with no COVID 19 vaccine

    Something not quite right with our quarantine process. How does someone travel on QF614 MEL-BNE on 22 April with Covid-19 acquired on a cruise ship? Shouldn't they have been in quarantine in MEL? Wasn't pennicilin an accidental discovery? A miracle? More like divine intervention. So many...