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  • Hi John,

    New to AFF - noticed you're also living in CNX, same as me.

    Trying to decide which path is better to pursue from here - OW or *A

    Any chance I can buy you a snack/meal/water/soda/coffee/tea/beer/wine or spirit next time you're back here?

    Korp kuhn mahk,

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    Hi Grant, I don't know much about *Alliance. I work in BNE and my wife is from Chiang Mai.

    I prefer Qantas. All airfares earn Status credits and points unlike TG, SQ, CX. Qantas also has quite a few double status credit offers which can boost status credits.

    We're in CNX again August. Only there for 4-5 days. We can catch up for a drink if you're around.

    Kind Regards,

    Made a faux pas and booked Emirates from BNE to Russia x 4 pax - all my points with Virgin/ Singapore

    Do. I have any chance of full refund and yes, I used third party.


    Hi Owen,

    If you used points there'd be a small cancellation fee involved. With Virgin domestic it's $30 per person. Not sure about international.

    Good luck.

    Kind Regards,
    Hi John, thanks for the offer I'm 5 mins from the airport but guessing you have left by now. Thanks again, maybe I'll catch you next time.
    Cheers Brendan
    Hi johnk

    Is your VA guest spot tomorrow night up for grabs still tomorrow night?


    Hi JohnK
    I'm next door in the QP. Plane to MLB delayed 30 mins of there is any chance of you guesting me across to the J lounge for a bit more peace.
    Antony. 0422331090
    Hi John,

    Your pm box is full.

    Geez, that bloke just wanted to argue about everything. I never made any comments regarding habits, manners or race, yet when I gave him an answer to his question (eradicated diseases) he turned on me for providing a factual answer. Absolute nut job.

    Good on you for standing your ground against these pc types.

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