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Recent content by John Voller

  1. J

    Top Three Holiday Photos

    Dordogne, France Iceland Jebel Misht, Oman
  2. J

    QBT Cytric bookings and T-80 seat selection

    yes, have had the same issue. I have tried everything. The only solution I've found is to ring Qantas and request seat allocation,or go back into QBT and change your seats in QBT. It does appear to be a glitch that only emerged after we got moved to cytric by QBT as well.
  3. J

    Should I stay or should I go - Hong Kong [protests]

    Arrived into Hong Kong last night and caught a taxi to Causeway Bay where my hotel is. My hotel was about a block from where this protest was and you wouldn’t even know it was going on. A mate of mine even caught the MTR into close where the protest was with no problem. Activity in the streets...
  4. J

    Should I stay or should I go - Hong Kong [protests]

    Flying into Hk for 4 nights for work in a fortnight. Spoken to people on the ground and I have no concerns. Advice was to just watch online to see where the protests are and then steer clear of those areas. Obviously don’t plan to range too far, you’ve just got to be sensible.
  5. J

    Iran firing off SAMs [effect on routes?]

    Re the time of the reported shoot down and civilian might find this article interesting
  6. J

    Answered Anyone been to a game park near Victoria Falls?

    We spent 12 nights in Zimbabwe last October. The first three nights were at a lodge 5 minutes drive from the Botswana border (on the Zimbabwe side). It was on the banks of the Zambezi and an all round great lodge. One night we had an elephant walk into the area where we were having dinner, and...
  7. J

    Driving through Southern Africa.?

    Cessna Yes visa on arrival is available for Zimbabwe and Zambia. If you are travelling between the two countries you might want to check out a KAZA Univisa which allows you to travel between the two countries as much as you like. I am pretty sure it also allows you to leave Zimbabwe to visit...
  8. J

    Driving through Southern Africa.?

    Cessna We spent three weeks in Zimbabwe in late September this year. Driving in Zimbabwe is possible but we used Local transfer companies for all of our transfers up to the Botswana border form Victoria Falls and back, and down to our lodges, and they were all excellent. on time, clean vehicles...