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Recent content by JK1964

  1. J

    What's your favourite 747 memory?

    QF flight 2001 LAX to BNE via AKL. Cheekily asked at check in for an upgrade. No such luck but she did give us exit row seats opposite the FAs on take off. Turbulence at take off lead to FAs being seated for quite a while. One was also an Essendon supporter so we hit it off with them...
  2. J

    Keep Virgin Australia in the Skies

    The government can not say ‘we can’t pick winners and losers’ and at the same time give a life line to small and medium enterprises via BAS credits and jobkeeper. I realise small business is the vast majority of businesses but it should apply across the board. These are exceptional...
  3. J

    Business class for 2020

    Eva Air or China Airlines ex Bne often for around $5,000. Have done PR to Hong Kong and can highly recommend this airline.
  4. J

    Status credits and review date

    I should have said any travel on your review date and onwards should count towards next qualification
  5. J

    Status credits and review date

    I believe that on your review date they count your status earned in the previous 365 days so any travel from review date onwards should count towards the next qualification.
  6. J

    shanghai for the first time

    Try Xintiandi French concession, Nanjing Road (just for people watching over a drink), Yu Gardens, evening cruise on the river for the light show. You could also walk under the river from The Bund to the Pudong side.
  7. J

    Don't transfer points (Velocity Email)

    I suspect with the Velocity auto redemptions Westpac may never be included again. I think it’s been well over a year since they last participated in a Velocity promo. Seeing you’re not going to get the bonus you could transfer direct to Krisflyer from Altitude for 1 million KF points
  8. J

    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Partner and I had identical meals 12.30pm OOL to MEL with sparkling wine as PDB. I liked the salad, light and tangy. Partner said pie needed more sauce, but overall pretty good
  9. J

    What to do with 122K points

    Apologies if this has been covered before. My 122K HH points don’t appear to get me too much in the way of a decent room. The ‘Pay with Points’ rate is a fair bit higher than the cheapest advance purchase rate, making it almost uneconimical to use the points for a room. Besides, there are so...
  10. J

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    Sure, but I don’t know how or why it happened, as it was made clear to me initially by both AMEX and the Velocity call centre that I could not upgrade the booking. Not great value at 17,500 points each way but seeing flight was free ......
  11. J

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    Booked BNE to CNS via free AMEX flight. Was told at booking that it was not possible to upgrade the flight. Checked on ‘my bookings’ on Velocity site and could not change any aspect of the booking. Went into booking about 6 weeks later and for some reason the system then allowed an upgrade.
  12. J

    Air New Zealand ends alliance with Virgin Australia [goes with Qantas]

    Thanks for clarification. Learn something everyday.
  13. J

    Air New Zealand ends alliance with Virgin Australia [goes with Qantas]

    Have been denied access to UA lounges as NZ gold in Orlando and Chicago. Unless things have changes since.
  14. J

    Air New Zealand ends alliance with Virgin Australia [goes with Qantas]

    Was only referring to UA lounge access for purely US domestic flights - has to be part of same day international journey