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    a380 and 773 vast difference in J standards?

    I have been on a QF a330 in J, before the refurb I must add, and on the back of the mattress it had a pocket which you slide over the headrest part of the seat. So it dealt with a sloping seat without any issues, and in my opinion 2nd best sleep I've had on a plane.
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    a380 and 773 vast difference in J standards?

    In my experience, yes the variance is normal, the amenity kits on Emirates are only distributed on night time departures. Having been on a 9am 777 from DXB and a 4pm 777 from PRG, I haven't had the full amenity kit distributed, only on a380 because I have only been on evening flights on the a380...
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    The <24 hour 'stopover' - your experiences

    When I was flying SQ between Syd and Europe, I was always booking with an 8 hr gap in SIN between my flights each way. Made for a great 5-6 hr arvo stopover, exploring the city bit by bit. The MRT gets you from Changi to the city in 30 mins, and once I tried the city tour shuttle Changi run for...
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    Singapore Hotel - good pool and breakfast offerings

    Parkroyal on Pickering. The ambiance and decor with greenery everywhere, were stunning. Great location, one block from both Clarke Quay and Chinatown MRTs, the breakfast buffet was great, good selection of Western and Asian options, short queues too. The pool was open air when I walked past it...
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    Best EK First Seating?

    I flew EK A380 F for DXB - HKG back in November. The chauffeur drive in Dubai I had was a Mercedes E class. I read (and two days earlier) I got a Volvo but that was arriving in DXB in J.
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    Emirates First Check-In at SYD

    Last time I flew EK out of SYD was in J. The checkin seemed pretty standard, you get to the row (I forget which one) three lanes marked out, and I believe there were 2 desks for F about 3rd or 4th along (service desk being first). Don't expect some mini lounge like at QF checkin, but they do...
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    Emirates Business + or - pyjamas

    From what I have heard and read they still do, a380 or not. Have your flights been at night? Reading some of the posts on this site, I have read that there are flights where they are not automatically offered, but if you ask they do appear.
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    Emirates Business + or - pyjamas

    I'm afraid you will have to bring your own. Emirates only give PJs in First.
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    Things to do on 17 Hour Dubai Stopover

    Don't worry about being there on a Sunday arvo, cause over there Sunday is the start of the working week. There are plenty of tours you can do, one that springs to mind is Big Bus Tours, I havent done it myself yet. Other than that, if you are looking for a good way to see the new Dubai, I would...
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    Qatar Airways will open Doha lounges to Oneworld passengers

    Came across this article today. Qatar Airways to open Doha lounges to Oneworld passengers - Business Traveller
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    AFF's 1,000,000th post thread....

    15th June, 12:00
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    Qantas fare pricing

    I think this is a simple matter of peak season vs off-season, not a trick by Qantas. I think in the airline business, peak season is April - October, basically its all about summer vs winter in the Northern Hemisphere.
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    Where is Qantas up to with refurbing the 747s?

    The retiring 747s are being replaced by A330s. Qantas said that it would happen in Q1 or FY14/15, and I did read a thread yesterday that people who are flying in October are being informed that their aircraft are being changed. I think in the "announcement" Qantas were saying they are deferring...
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    Where is Qantas up to with refurbing the 747s?

    According to the Qantas website, 9 747s are refurbished. I read somewhere that is the 6 ERs and 3 more non-ERs. Altogether there are 14 747s in the fleet, and I think that they have refurbished all the ones they were going to refurbish. If I am not mistaken, after the "announcement", all the...
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    'Your London Booking'

    I think it might also be a sign of how many people who travel to Europe have a destination on the continent rather than LON.