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Recent content by jb01

  1. jb01

    Are you Going to use the COVIDsafe App?

    Have downloaded and will use. Any pushback makes me wonder if people realise how Google and Apple know where and when the traffic jams are.
  2. jb01

    New Qantas safety demo 2020

    This bugged me every single time! Surely someone would have noticed and called for another take in the filming. At least she left her bag behind.
  3. jb01

    Global Qantas Double Status Credits Offer (Book 20-26 Feb 2020; Fly: 28 Feb 2020-14 Feb 2021)

    Looks like my day tomorrow has just become mapping out the next few months worth of movements!
  4. jb01

    Make an offer to upgrade on your flight to Sydney. How many emails is enough?

    The “Last chance to upgrade” always makes me giggle, especially when it is followed up by 12 more “please make a bid” emails.
  5. jb01

    "You are in top 5% of Velocity Flyers." - and that is it??

    I got top 5%, with only 20 flights but 70,542km. Seems maybe the percentage is weighted more to number of sectors flown. Once I re-qualified WP until Oct 2020, I started switching to QF.
  6. jb01

    Need Help Deciding which Loyalty Program to Join...

    This is how I go about it. Means I’m not tied in to any particular chain, and can use the free credit however I like as well. Room upgrades, early/late check in/out don’t really matter to me, so I’d rather bank the free room credits for holidays with my wife and not be limited to where I can...
  7. jb01

    London Gatwick (LGW) boarding methods trial

    The ultimate guide of how to stuff monkeys into a tube.
  8. jb01

    Answered VA Status credits question

    That one. Your SC balance doesn't reset to 0, however the 400 SC needed to re-qualify for Gold will start, at 0, from the date you drop back to Gold in Dec 2019.
  9. jb01

    Qantas 'preferred seating'

    Sure enough, there it is on my upcoming BNE-NRT.
  10. jb01

    Lounge Meets July 2019

    Date Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comment Saturday 13 July QF652 PER Any 2130 -1 Flight departs 2300 Sunday 14 July QF61 BNE Any 0700 -1 Flight departs 0935 Sunday 21 July QF80 NRT Any 1800 -1 Flight departs 2000 Thursday 25 July VA552 PER VA 0500 +3
  11. jb01

    How many Velocity points have you earned/spent?

    Earned: 1,951,603 Redeemed: 1,882,300 But currently checking daily for 2x J rewards from LAX which will add another 191,000 to the redeemed column. Not sure how that works as it’ll push my redeemed total to be more than my earn.
  12. jb01

    Velocity Hotels (Expedia)

    Although having completed a booking a few weeks ago with the 9 point/$ promotion, so far I have received 0 points/$ :rolleyes:
  13. jb01

    Velocity have messed up my Award Booking - HELP

    Simple name change isn’t an option? Or available as an Any Seat redemption? If so, I would be requesting Velocity to cover the excessive points difference.
  14. jb01

    SQ refurbishing KrisFlyer Gold lounge in SIN

    Chances are the temporary lounge will even be a step up over the current KrisFlyer Gold lounge! Toilets in a lounge ... who would’ve thunk it?! :p
  15. jb01

    velocity card on apple wallet and google pay

    Does it work via NFC at BP?