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Recent content by jazza1971

  1. J

    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Brisbane - Darwin had Roast Chicken with creamed corn and Darwin - Brisbane was the yummy Satay which was def the pick. Offered the Pantry both ways as well. Had the same Roast Chicken dish the night before Newcastle - Brisbane.
  2. J

    A330s what to do with ?

    Maybe they will run it to Bali.....
  3. J

    SYD to TPE in J with China Airlines - flight report

    My wife just flew to and from Amsterdam with them. Food was pretty good, thought the inflight entertainment was a bit lacking, but said the service on all four legs was exceptional..said the FAs couldn't do anything more for her, proactive with drinks, checking if she was ok needed anything etc...
  4. J

    J class seat configuration - Australia to Nadi

    Have seen them operate the A330 on weekends around school holidays...may be other dates..otherwise you'll get stuck with a 2-2 737
  5. J

    Seat assignment woes

    Looks like there are 4 revenue seats left if you try to do a dummy booking, so maybe you'll be in luck!
  6. J

    First “free stuff” 2019 – x4 QF Lounge Passes.

    Thanks Matt, really appreciate it. PM sent.
  7. J

    Lounge Meets January 2019

    Wed 23 Jan QF3 SYD INTL Terminal 1700 guest -1 Would be very happy if someone could guest me into the J lounge, we are one adult invite short for a family trip. *Not entered into wiki*
  8. J

    First “free stuff” 2019 – x4 QF Lounge Passes.

    Hi Matt, Off to Honolulu with the family in two weeks and we are one guest short to get myself into the QF Int lounge, gotta look after all the girls first of course. Appreciate you offering up to the AFF community.
  9. J

    Meet me in the SQ Lounge thread

    Ill be on SQ222 on 30 Nov if anyone else is in the SYD lounge, well it plus the ANZ lounge :D
  10. J

    Veterans to receive Priority Boarding & "thank you for your service"

    I'd use the priority boarding with thanks if the scheme remains so I can snag some overhead bin space, but that is all I'd want....I don't need the public acknowledgement as a thanks for my service
  11. J

    Devalued transfers Velocity / KrisFlyer from 1.35 to 1.55

    You can bet that'll be the next enhancement, an increase in SQ VFF redemptions.
  12. J

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    Maybe they have a blackout period before school holidays? I noticed the same, the only available seats were with DL.
  13. J

    Redeeming Velocity Points for EY MAD - AUH -MEL ?

    No lounge access?? I think you'll find it is a bug on the VA website....I'm certain others have seen the same and always had access when flying.
  14. J

    Velocity award bookings

    I can see 31000 points & $47 return, what dates?
  15. J

    Velocity to KF transfer delay

    that's terrible...I did a points transfer last night before reading this thread and it went through within 2 mins...must be a bit hit & miss