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Recent content by jasonja3

  1. jasonja3

    Tokyo (Narita) OneWorld Lounges

    Easy, after immigration walk straight ahead to the Sakura lounge (at the base of some escalators), through the glass doors and turn left, they have a separate front desk. Enjoy!
  2. jasonja3

    Advice on Phuket, Thailand

    Hong Kong has been my second home for the last 2 years... well it seems like it!! Usually once a month. I was quite surprised to visit City Gate with the factory outlets and the pricing is very good. Much better than in town, but sadly a lot of the savings have now been eroded by the slumping...
  3. jasonja3

    Advice on Phuket, Thailand

    My experience (honeymoon) dates back 8 years....:shock: We stayed 2klm north of Patong at a place called Thavorn Beach Village. It was very nice, isolated, but close enough to town when we wanted to go. Villa's go up the side o the mountain looking back to Patong and has its own beach. From...
  4. jasonja3

    Millenium Hilton in Bangkok

    The Conrad is very nice, no doubt about it! Although I think the Hilton is more of a family hotel, and nicer being on the river. Will be arriving BKK Hilton on Wednesday on our way to Phuket (surprise trip .... for our anniversary also, telling my wife tonight) and on the way back! Looking...
  5. jasonja3

    Hertz #1 club or Avis?

    Cheers, I'll give it a go. I should mention, I only rent vehicles in Oz, so I cannot speak for International rentals.
  6. jasonja3

    Hertz #1 club or Avis?

    Is the Qantas corp rate worthwhile?? Did not know you could do this! I am the only one in the company who travels, so no other big business rates for me..
  7. jasonja3

    Hertz #1 club or Avis?

    I'll go against the grain here..... I recommend Avis preffered, simply on the basis that in my experience I have found my Hetz #1 Gold card useless, cars never available when I need them, expensive, lack of service and support. However, I signed up with Avis preferred (no cost), and it is...
  8. jasonja3

    Qantas mag goes against the trend

    Mine arrived yesterday, much to my surprise. Not my sort of mag, nothing really special imo, just a different format and styling with advertisements for items I could never afford.....
  9. jasonja3

    Virgin Atlantic J

    Definitely a good option, good seat, good AVOD and other ammenities. Not so good if you are travelling with a partner as you have a fixed partition between each seat.
  10. jasonja3

    Is FF-ing affecting your health ?

    This is where I really fall down, I love food, and with it being put in front of you constantly, tight schedules, it is really hard. I would like to say that I eat only when I need to, and exercise at the hotel..... but in reality the best I usually do is healthy choice meals in flight (usually...
  11. jasonja3

    Oneworld Circle Asia SW Pacific fare - best airline to book through?

    Just called 1800 673 4863 which is the Australian contact number on, and got the same response... Is there another number to call for BNE?
  12. jasonja3

    Oneworld Circle Asia SW Pacific fare - best airline to book through?

    Have contacted AA ATW desk twice yesterday, and twice this morning to be told that they cannot book this fare....not having much luck.
  13. jasonja3

    Oneworld Circle Asia SW Pacific fare - best airline to book through?

    Thanks guys. Not sure there will be any significant savings, although any will help given the Australian price rise in the fare in July....
  14. jasonja3

    Oneworld Circle Asia SW Pacific fare - best airline to book through?

    Ahemmmm...please excuse my ignorance, can I ticket a Circle Asia fare with aa, crediting to QF, where it is unlikely to have any aa sectors? If I can get around the MCT, then the only aa sector is SYD-CNS out of SYD-CNS-NRT-PVG-HKG-BKK-SYD
  15. jasonja3

    Anyone else find they fly a lot more than they ever imagined?

    Yep another here, '05-06 got me to gold, couldn't believe it... reached LTS last year and this August just saw 4830SC reset to a big fat 0 There is no certaintly for traveling in my future, so at the moment, it is full steam ahead towards LTG while I can!