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  • The ITA website can give some routing/cost help, but I book these on aa.com, generally as a multi segment booking
    Hi I appreciate your comments and always respect those with experience and try to learn from them. My name is Brad and I have the fortunate position in generating so many points (for free), that I have now got a clientele who follow what I do and they too create the points without ever flying. If you feel comfortable to call for a chat my number is 0413673366. I welcome the opportunity. Regards Brad
    Hi - I just noticed this; I don't generally see these messages. I have a reasonable knowledge of FF programs, earnings and maximising benefits. This has been gained from this Forum, the Flyertalk forum and experience in general.

    Going by some of your posts on the forum you are points rich but may not be redeeming them in the most effective ways . Do keep posting your questions on the forum, the answers provide can benefit all.

    If you would like to have a short talk, I'm happy to do so.
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