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Recent content by holrs514

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    Hertz hire car. Rent in US, take vehicle into Canada and return to US

    Went to USA in July. Hired a car through economy car rentals who organised a rental with Dollar in Minneapolis. Minneapolis wasn't one of the locations where they allowed you to take car into Canada. Arrived to pick up car and found that it was booked with Dollar but they were out of cars and...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    I am travelling QF7 tomorrow Tuesday and am hopeful we get away on time as I only have 90 minutes to clear immigration and deposit bags to catch flight to Minneapolis.
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Hi, travelled on qf94 leaving lax on time 10.15 and could have left at 10 with the new York plane running late. Many people missed the flight and lots of space particularly down back where everyone bad 3 or 4 seats each with 2 empty centre seats of 4. Made good time to Melbourne and the...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    I have travelled to the USA on QF 93 to LAX from Melbourne a few times. Last year July 2015 we were 2 hours late leaving Melbourne after we had to return to the terminal for an ill passenger. I was forward booked by Qantas with United to Denver and when we arrived late Qantas had arranged a...
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    Best route from SYD to DSM? DFW LAX SFO?

    Travelled to DSM in July 2013. Qantas flight from SYD to DFWthen DFW to DSM. Was a Sunday and had to wait 8 hours for connection using AA. Took 3 hrs to get through customs on a Sunday. Was a disgrace. Huge queues, hot day and you had to stand up. Absolutely no consideration for the...
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    Checking luggage through LAX with 16 hour connection

    Was in this situation last year. Only had an 8 hr wait which turned into 10 as they tried to bribe overbooked passengers to travel the next day. When you get to LAX go through customs and head towards the required terminal. You should be able to walk it and the weather should be good...
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    Roaming vs Local Sims vs Other?

    **************** I have got action from the company and now have my phone working. Can't get credit using credit card or paypal as they are not USA. Funny that the company didn't mention this in their advertisements and said how easy it was to cash up
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    Roaming vs Local Sims vs Other?

    Hi I am in the USA and I purchased a prepaid USA sim card with USA home number and $10 activation credit valid for 1 month from date of activation. My family complain by email that my sms messages haven't arrived, I can't contact them by phone. I am frustrated and embarassed. My three credit...
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    Qantas American Express Premium Card - month of Qantas points lost if cancelled?

    Ring them up and tell them you are going to cancel. I am sure they will offer you another year fee free. There is a lot of pressure not to lose customers.
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    Tiger perpetually Late ,VERY unhappy- $50 cab fares

    All care no responsibility. How dare you be 1 minute late - they can be hours late or cancel the plane and in both examples they have no responsibility or care.
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    Anybody get waiver of annual fee for third year on AMEX?

    Rang Amex today to cancel my card. Last year I was offered $100 to remain with Amex. I declined, cancelled the card and signed up for a new card. This year I said I wished to cancel - I was asked why and replied that the fee was excessive and I couldn't use the card everywhere due to...
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    Jetstar - Always Late?

    Jetstar has lead the field in demanding that passengers check in half an hour before the scheduled flight. There should be similar penalties in place for when Jetsar is unable to have the plane leave on time or arrive on time.