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Recent content by Hoatzin

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    Forgot what a joy it was.....

    To fly! QF1494 tonight and caught myself feeling like a superstar as I picked up my boarding pass. I had almost forgotten that joy, the slight hesitation of approaching security (will I get random (aka annoying) screening, that moment when you clear security and have the wonderland of the...
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    New rebooking policy - 5,000 mile flight radius

    This is a great promotion that was always destined, like anything of that ilk to become harder to utilize in short order. Yesterday there were some great QR J fares available but the ones I looked at have reverted to almost only selling J Flex fares at a higher cost. This gives me confidence...
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    No limit! 1000 points per card.
  4. H

    Earn 10 SC per 2000 WWR converted to QFF (up to 50 SC) promo

    Damn it! I saw that $50 and $100 (with $5.95 and $6.95 fees) for eftpos gift cards with 1000 bonus WRP were on offer at woolies yesterday and thought "Hmm I'll run the numbers tomorrow and then head back". What do you know - the offer ended yesterday! Derp! The numbers - a purchase of x2 $50...
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    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    Platinum now for this as I have cancelled my eclipse chasing in South America in December. So glad as it blew my mind that I would miss this do that was being hosted in my home (currently very wet) city.
  6. H

    Overview of Best Status Run Options [not the discussion thread]

    Fortaleza-Miami return trip on LA for $757 Routing FOR-GRU-LIM-MIA rtn in J with FOR-GRU in W for $757! Yields 15420QFFP and 410SC for $1.8463 SC/$ A bargain. if..... Also, 610TP for our BAEC minded friends for $1.241 TP/$...
  7. H

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Oh I wish we were still in a position to be talking more here... Hopefully if we and NZ can get on top of the cases we can reopen our borders and at least be able to get some intl travel.
  8. H

    Qantas schedules B747 on domestic routes from Nov'19 to Feb'20

    Good work sbor90! I think we all had our eye on that one! Those of us who aren't P1 anyway 🤣
  9. H

    Qantas schedules B747 on domestic routes from Nov'19 to Feb'20

    Just had to cancel my MEL- SYD on QF400 on 17/2/20. Seat 14A is up for grabs. Get in quick!
  10. H

    CBR Autumn get together, 11 March ‘20 to hopefully celebrate the end of the fires and smoky air.

    I'm out for this one as I will have just arrived in Istanbul when this is on :)😭
  11. H

    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    I'm out for this one sadly as I will be in Argentina adjusting to the time change. What are the odds that the gathering will be in my home town while I will be away? Oy vey.... Then again most of the kingo dinners fall when I am away, so not entirely unexpected 🤣
  12. H

    CHC Dinner Saturday 7th March 2020

    NZ trip having to be altered which makes me a firm bronze for this event :(
  13. H

    CHC Dinner Saturday 7th March 2020

    Hey all. I've made a booking for one for the dinner. Please add me to the consolidated table for aviation geeks :) Looking forward to seeing/meeting you all!
  14. H

    CHC Dinner Saturday 7th March 2020

    Amazingly through an unexpected twist of fate I am Platinum. I booked a SYD-AKL 787 return fare during the launch sale a couple of months back during this weekend (stupidly I didn't realise it was a long weekend and booked the return flight on Sunday after thinking about how I couldn't convince...