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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    Not going to disagree that there was a purpose behind this trip. But given the PM supposedly comes from a marketing background, you'd have thought he'd have spent 30 seconds thinking that taking a photo which would remind people of overseas travel is perhaps not the most prudent thing to be...
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    Cancelled mixed class QF Rules

    Did you initiate the cancellation or did QF? If you cancelled the tickets, even if QF then subsequently cancelled the flight, it does not matter, the cancellation rules apply. If QF cancelled the flight, then you're in your rights for a full refund (to cash, not just a voucher), even for the...
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    CBR winter get together at 1800 on 08 June at the Kingo to celebrate us still being here, not there

    That again to get me outta here for organizing another wonderful AFF dinner. Always love the cook my own steak (with someone else doing the washing up :) ) nights
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    Due to fly Melbourne to Perth June 12th. Chances of flying?

    Unless of course the plane is doing a the return run as well and the loads are low enough to cancel that flight as well.
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    The Qantas call centre now has a different menu

    I suspect that huge wait times themselves are not illegal, provided that the wait time did not prevent you from accessing another right you have under the guarantee. So for instance if you had a booking that could be changed up until the point of departure, but you where still waiting on the...
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    The Qantas call centre now has a different menu

    Complaint made to QF. 1.5 hours (after being assured by the automated voice that it'd only be a 15 minute wait) is terrible. Will they do something with that complaint? Who knows, but at least my dissatisfaction is registered with them. I've asked for points as compensation in my complaint...
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    Ask The Pilot

    Not YSSYYMML1 / YSSYYMML2? When are ICAO codes used vs the IATA codes?
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    Ask The Pilot

    My understanding is that you don't manually code in routes into the FMC before flights, instead you'd use a pre-loaded template (I believe they are called company routes) and modify it if required. If that's the case, does the FMC of all company owned aircraft already have all the routes which...
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    Double SCs for trans-Tasman book 10-15 May

    Yeap, I remember QF specifically stating that DSC's had being enhanced, but they had returned (inc general DSC offers) well before Covid. That said I wouldn't call anything about now "normal'. This is more "survival" for the airlines. Aka what can we offer, that really doesn't affect our bottom...
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    France proposes ban on short domestic flights

    So let's say a CBR-SYD rail link was built. You realize that Australian tax payer would have given something to "Canberra". We can't have that, why the people who live in CBR aren't even human beings..... Note: CBR'n born and bread. It's amazing how much federal politicians will bend over...
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    AFF 3 day outage (April 2021)

    Good question!
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    Ask The Pilot

    The auto-start on the B747-400, does this mean that you can simply pull down the start plungers and then immediately switch the fuel on and let auto-start take care of introducing fuel at the right time, or is the process still you need to pull the start plungers and wait until the engines hit a...
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    Ask The Pilot

    If you need to do a go-around, how much of the go-around route is already programmed into the FMC before you attempted the landing? if you do need to do a go-around, do you simply re-join a STAR which'll take you back onto the right track for landing, or do you need to use a SID which brings...
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    Ask The Pilot

    If they do give the call whilst you're on standby, do they try more than once (eg if you couldn't answer the call immediately) or do they send some other sort of message like an SMS to say your needed?