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Recent content by harls

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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    21/12/19 QF27 SYD to SCL successful upgrade from PE to J for two people. Notified T-28. 11/1/20 QF28 SCL to SYD unsuccessful Y to J upgrade for two people (upgrade to PE instead). Notified T-21. I’m gold and wife is bronze.
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    An Awful Qantas Experience That Must Be Shared.

    I was recently on QF27 from SYD-SCL with my wife (21st December). We paid PE and successfully upgraded with points to J on the 747 upper deck. We were not unreasonable with any of our requests but service was really mediocre and the flight attendants really made us feel like that they didn’t...
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    Targeted offer - 50% more SCs - Search History Data mining?

    Looked at classic rewards flight availability from Sydney to London last night for a friend and got the same 50% bonus status credit offer in the email today. Replace Christchurch with London in title. Go figure...
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    Made any travel mistakes lately?

    I’m not sure if I was lucky or they just pitied my stupidity but I didn’t pay a cent extra for all the rebooked flights. I was expecting to basically pay for a full ticket given that I missed the flight on my own terms. I managed to get to SFO out of ORD on the next flight (missed the SFO-SYD...
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    Made any travel mistakes lately?

    Recently went for a mates wedding in Chicago. Return flight to SYD is QF74 out of SFO at 22:30 so had to take a connecting flight with AA out of ORD to SFO at 6pm. Got to ORD around 3:30pm and had plenty of time before boarding at 5:30 went to the AA Flagship lounge (which was pretty nice...
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    What time does QF checkin open at LAX?

    Flew out of LAX to SYD on QF12 on Tuesday 23 July. Qantas check in counters opened at 6pm. Plenty of people started lining up around 5:30pm.
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Thanks for the suggestion. I might not have time to do the DPS-BKI flight as I will going there for a wedding and the Missus will be going with me as well (leaving her alone for 20 hours besides the pool is probably not the worst thing that I’ve done...) Any suggestions for AU domestic based...
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Hi all, Just wanted to get some ideas on the most economic way to get 260 SC by 31 October 2019 (membership anniversary) to attain platinum with Qantas. Some info: - Currently gold with 1140 SC (inc. loyalty bonus) and have qualified for gold for another year. 260 SC away from attaining...
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    Delta SkyMiles Status Match Discussion

    Seems like it is soft landing. I was matched to Gold back in Jan 2019 for 3 months but haven’t flown enough to maintain gold as per the challenge and now I’m silver.
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    Delta SkyMiles Status Match Discussion

    Just got back from my holidays - quick update: - managed to get into SkyTeam lounge in SYD and all CI operates lounges in TPE (both during transit and at departure) and NRT with no major issues. Slight non-event at SYD as I only obtained the status challenge a while after I purchased my CI...
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    Delta SkyMiles Status Match Discussion

    Thanks gapmatt and Mattg - that's good to know! gapmatt - mate you're luck as I've checked the seats a few times online and the best seat that I could get for TPE - CTS is row 46. I've got Q class tickets for the SYD - TPE - CTS legs maybe that explains why?
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    Delta SkyMiles Status Match Discussion

    Hi guys, New member here (be nice...) Just got accepted for the Delta Status Match challenge as a Gold Medallion (with Qantas Gold). I'm flying SYD - TPE - CTS in the coming week then returning NRT - TPE - SYD with China Airlines. A few questions: 1. Has anyone had success in gaining access...