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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    I wonder if this "reboot" would be enough for NZ and VA to kiss and make up? Letting NZ handle TT with VA as the feeder and would give QF some grief as a bonus
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Maybe (personally I don't see it, but who knows - interested though so would love a link). Point is that everyone's making judgements about the Queensland government's decision based on potential profitability, but the reality is the Queensland government could invest in an airline that loses...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    This makes a ton of political sense to me. No-one's going to be able to fly overseas for a long time. Queensland has a strong tourist economy throughout the state that needs to be saved - and has been devastated by many workers in that sector being excluded from JobKeeper - and could even...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    I always found it weird that - unless you ask otherwise - corporate travel generally always assumed you have a preference for QF over VA and as long as the QF flight wasn't too much more expensive would book you that as a default. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to point out that...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    They are just being given with such certainty, when the issue still seems so uncertain. Though I guess that's the trend with all opinion these days...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    I realise I'm posting this with a bit of self-interest in naivety but is there a reason that "have to go back to being some form LCC" has become an almost universally accepted truth? I love the VA product, I loathe the QF brand and don't particularly like the QF product. I've never had a great...
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    Virgin Australia launches 'coronavirus status extension' plan

    I'm a bit confused by this too. I re-qualified on my status review date of March 20. I received an email yesterday saying that my review has been "extended by 1 year" until March 30, 2021. I still don't understand what this means. My account shows the SCs have indeed reset to 0. Do I get a 1...
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    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    I had been looking at buying a pair of RM Williams Comfort Craftsman boots for a while. I see they've just come up in the Velocity store and I think now might be the time - the only issue is I assume I have to be spot on re sizing in case they can't go back! A little bit expensive in terms of...
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    VA withdraws all services from Hong Kong

    We were booked on the Mar 3 flight back (LHR-HKG-SYD and they tried to put us back on same route 2 days earlier. Pretty adamant that was the only option or a refund. Took a bit of push back to get them to reroute us on LHR-LAX-SYD on the same days as our original booking. Rerouting we don't...
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    Revised International Lounge Access Page

    It's a terrible system now. Most airlines don't mention VA at all (and why should they!). In fact, I'm flying through AUH on the way to Europe this time (instead of my usual SQ) and I can't even use it for something as simple as to tell what lounge a WP (i.e. is first class still available) has...
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    Something big is coming! (1st May)

    I wondered if this might be the case at some point since they started putting the total points earned over lifetime in the new VFF page. I'm hoping it's a new "big" partner in their alliance (or maybe an alliance itself). However despite these hopes what I think it will be is either the...
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    VA half yearly results to 31 December 2018

    The booking part is the problem. For whatever reason the systems don't work together and properly and often routes that include one Alliance leg and one VA leg are often completely absent (e.g. only two flights seem to be "linked", meaning that if the BNE-SYD is full you're out of luck on the...
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    VA half yearly results to 31 December 2018

    They might float it as a seamless experience but it's not. And those who fly do care. As someone who flies on these routes regularly the move to Alliance branded craft has been a definite downgrade. Also, almost overnight since the shift happened it is virtually impossible to redeem flights...
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    VA half yearly results to 31 December 2018

    I'm not sure if VA flying internationally is the problem as much as VA aren't using it effectively or marketing their strengths. I get the point re the US and the reduced inbound tourism due to Trump, but I assume this is temporary and it's much more cost-effective to ride it out than to start...
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    New Virgin CEO

    If he was part of REX I hope he starts taking VA's regional aspirations seriously again. VA had massive potential here (and it was a great USP from QF) and they destroyed it (e.g. p**ing WA government off to lose regional contract there; handing everything over to Alliance - even branding - for...