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  1. Groundfeeder

    MEL Dom. lounges refurb Completed October 2018

    I recall there weren't many cubicles in BNE J lounge recently. Still no J lounge in ADL with QP very packed. Great entertainment though with regional plane marshall practising his dance movements with the paddles seemingly oblivious to the packed QP watching his antics!
  2. Groundfeeder

    Successful QF 'Bid Now Upgrades' data thread

    Received upgrade lottery email from QF for both legs QF623/624 BNE-MEL. Offered $200/2000 points on MEL-BNE and was successful. 1A is awaiting!! :cool: Only QF bronze so system seemingly works.
  3. Groundfeeder

    Flying to relatively obscure destinations

    Bit OT but how about Gold Coast to Brisbane or Maryborough to Hervey Bay? Have done both these in years long past on commercial RPT flights.
  4. Groundfeeder

    Why no major Y seat developments?

    Don't suppose they'd ever think of an extra toilet to fill that valuable "wasted" space?
  5. Groundfeeder

    Can you be backwards going forwards?

    Re: The view from my "office" I recall sitting backwards on old RAAF nav trainers (Convairs?) from Canberra during pilots strike that were seconded for Dom flights. Even Herc's were utilized and the odd person enjoyed the -Y seats!
  6. Groundfeeder

    Qantas Chairmans Lounge

    "I'm sure it's just a matter of time" ...... and political donations.
  7. Groundfeeder

    Mr Shouty in the lounge

    Well, those with technical knowledge will know that a mobile phone MUST be constantly moved with loud voice volume when in use to agitate the squirrels within for operating-power generation purposes. Why else would they call it a "mobile"? LOTFAP's "cell" phone does not need this movement as it...
  8. Groundfeeder

    Brisbane Lounge Changes

    They've taken a large space out of the QP Dom, so I trust it will be replaced after the extensions. Getting affected by severe overgrazing at the moment.
  9. Groundfeeder

    Qantas Birthday special

    Yup, got my "birthday" pressy from Uncle Q the other day. It may be handy for upcoming 1st grand-daughter birth in MEL in Jan2017. Having your birthday near Xmas results in a lot of similar offers from various hotel chains, menswear etc. Much appreciated Uncle Q!!
  10. Groundfeeder

    Bags with essential Equipment removed from flight. Trip in Vain?

    re: First experience with QF "Priority" baggage. My recent BNE/CNS return in J resulted in my bag being >30th on the CNS carousel and 1st on BNE!! In BNE I was waiting at the carousel expecting "normal" priority when my bag happily and unexpectedly sailed past me as No.1, and required some chasing.
  11. Groundfeeder

    New QF livery and logo

    Having seen the vid and a few spotters pics, the new style is fine with me. A more modern approach is positive as you will recall their Retro 738's satisfied the Old School recently. The retro roo under the cockpit is quite classy and keeps the historical aspect going for me.
  12. Groundfeeder

    Qantas Club Dress Standards...Stubbies, singlet and thongs....What the???

    Ooops - my bad ... After QP-ing in Cairns for over 20 years, my comment was to reflect my observations that the vast majority of Cairns QP members (and guests) do not wear thongs.
  13. Groundfeeder

    Qantas Club Dress Standards...Stubbies, singlet and thongs....What the???

    Sitting in Cairns QP yesterday awaiting my CNS/BNE flight, I noticed at least 15 males either singly or in groups wearing the basic rubber thongs. Is this a Deep North dress exemption?
  14. Groundfeeder

    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Re: QF Upgrade Success Rate Mr Qantas recently sent me an email offering a (discounted) points upgrade to J Dom BNE/CNS today. As I'm returning in J next week I thought it sounded good. Upon applying, the site said no seats were available! Checking on Expert Flyer there were plenty of J seats...
  15. Groundfeeder

    QF website is a nightmare

    I'm not sure if this is a T-80 issue, but I've been trying to select on behalf of (coeliac) Mrs GF gluten-free food for QF BNE/MEL trips in Dec 2016 and Mar 2017, but get a response saying no GF food available for these flights! Haven't had a problem in the past with this "feature". QF should...