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    Free upgrades and status

    I was Platinum for 2 years then Gold for 2 years now currently Silver as I haven't done much flying lately. Have never had a free upgrade.
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    What's your prediction on the Australian Dollar?

    John, do they own their own home? A lot of pensioners do. Paying a mortgage or paying rent will eat up most of that $680 per week. Doesn't leave much left over for food, petrol, schooling, etc.
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    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    Just came back from Perth. Upgraded from saver economy fare to business for the minimum bid of $380. Was quite surprised as business was completely full.
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    POTUS AF1 flight available on Flightaware?

    Yeah I can remember hearing that both AF1 and AF2 were here. Seriously does someone really need 1000 people to pander after them? I get he's the president but honestly that is complete overkill.
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    VA transfer to SQ 1.35:1 VA

    Actually I just saw the Singapore news release and they definitely say from November (as per below). Virgin releases I've seen have said in November. "The new conversion capability will be available to members of both programmes from November as well as an improved online booking capability...
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    VA transfer to SQ 1.35:1 VA

    Ok they said in November. In November/by November they are both confusing. Any how as Rodney Rude would say "who gives a rat's cough?? We find out when we find out as it's all out of our control. I need a beverage or 3 after all this!!!
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    VA transfer to SQ 1.35:1 VA

    Well that doesn't happen too often - me making sense that is. I might just bask in my 30 seconds of praise!!
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    VA transfer to SQ 1.35:1 VA

    That was my point. "by November" is very subjective - is it by the start or by the end? Who knows (only Virgin & Singapore) so lets all settle down and have a refreshing drink!!
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    VA transfer to SQ 1.35:1 VA

    Here's a thought. Instead of all the coughing and moaning, why doesn't someone contact VA and enquire what's going on. At worst they will be told we're not sure or it's still being worked on but we hope to have it ready to go by ....... Maybe even the VA Rep on here may be able to shed some...
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    Does OLCI reduce or increase chance of OP UP?

    I do OLCI for Virgin domestically everytime and have never seen an opup either.
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    The joy of alcohol on planes

    I generally tend to go with the flow. if I feel like having a few (or more), I will. I can remember a QF flight Sydney to Qld about 6 years ago. A mate and I gave up our seats up near the front of WHY to a couple of whinging yanks so the FA could close the doors and get us on our way. As a token...
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    Passport stamps, love them or loath them?

    I have always enjoyed getting the stamp in the passport - it's nice to look back on. Shame I don't know where my passport is from when I was a little tacker though.
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    Plat/Gold velocity phone line -operating hours

    I have rung around 22:20 and got through. Admittedly it was a few months ago, so things may have changed. Have also tried a couple of minutes before cut off and not got through. Its probably just the luck of the draw.
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    How many Velocity Platinum are there?

    I used my 4 complimentary upgrades in November last year to upgrade myself the missus and the 2 rugrats to business on Syd-Per.
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    EDR Targeted Bonus Point Promotions

    Just received a spend $120 get 500 pts or spend $160 get 750 points for this weekend. First points offer ever received (woo hoo!!)- have been getting the Big W offers and giving appropriate feedback!! Came at the right time as I need to do a decent shop this weekend.:cool: