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    Diners club companion card

    Currently on the Citi Premier Page (under the Rewards and Benefits Section)... "Others ways to earn Citi reward Points when you spend Linked Diners Club Card on all Eligible Transactions 2 Points" So the Linked Diners Club earn rate still remains at 2 citi reward points both for Domestic and...
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    Aus. Financial Review benefit gone. (Replaced with The Australian)

    It's about time that the once-offered Cathay Pacific/Marco Polo Gold status was re-introduced.
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    Citibank stolen rewards points!

    Did they eventually take them away? Mine got taken away on my last statement and I received a letter stating that the earn rate was 1.0 per dollar. But they had been clearly marked as "Bonus Points" every statement and they had been giving me them for probably about 6 months. It seems a bit like...
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    Energy Australia now accepts Amex

    And if only I could get Red Energy to accept Amex for their direct debits. Oh....and very much would like Australian Unity Health Insurance too. I've reported them to Amex.
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    Citibank stolen rewards points!

    Happened to me too. I have been given 1 bonus point for every $2 spent on my (relatively new platinum visa - upgraded from a paid gold one). On the weekend I logged onto internet banking and the point balance was signifcantly below my statement point balance. Shot off an email to Citibank...