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Recent content by GeorgeMM

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    Answered Best Travel Sim card?

    Just bought a new iPad Pro that has an imbedded apple sim in addition to the usual sim slot. According to the blurb you should be able to load a sim plan when in another participating country onto the embedded apple sim (using the "set up mobile " function on the iPad Pro). But have been unable...
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    Air travel following broken arm with metal plate and still in cast

    my wife broke her lower arm last week and had a plate inserte and pinned. we are scheduled to fly from Sydney to Lima in about three weeks and she will still have the cast on her arm then. Are there likely to be any issues with airport security screening or any advice on how to minimise these?
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    rental car insurance in the US

    Hi Cove - can you give a pointer to the Chubb travel insurance product that you use? Also are there any issues with your US credit card for non US residents? I have read conditions saying that US credit card cover for CDW/SLI car rental insurance only applies to US residents. If that's not the...
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    rental car insurance in the US

    i have checked both aAustralian issued credit cards and my and other Australian issued auto and travel policies. in all cases they only cover (at best) the "ecess" cost of the claim over and above what the rental car company provides. in Australia ( and many other countries) rental car...
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    rental car insurance in the US

    Yes, I also would like to hear of actual experiences of making a claim and any issues as it is only when something goes wromg that you get to find out how effective the insurance is. - thanks
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    rental car insurance in the US

    has anyone used - they seem to have an Australian office and make reference to US rental car insurance issues - would be useful to hear of any experiences with them
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    rental car insurance in the US

    thanks everyone for the helpful advice. One of the other confusing aspects is trying to figure out what is covered and what is not covered, and this also relates to the sales pressure at the rental desk (from reading other posts). eg there are claims that though CDW/LDW is included, loss of...
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    rental car insurance in the US

    thanks - from my investigations so far, booking directly with Avis (at Jackson Hole) is much more expensive than the others - I didn't see Avis offered on the aggregator sites that I looked at.
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    rental car insurance in the US

    Given that the "excess" car rental insurance available with Australian travel insurance policies doesn't cover collision damage and other liability when renting a car in the US (only any "excess") - is there an Australian-based insurance company that will provide this cover? in the same or a...