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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    Not sure if this has been discussed, but does anyone have an idea of the time frame they have to increase the award availability? I guess this will only be for Qantas operated flights (not Qatar or Emirates, for example). Currently availability out of Perth to Europe in J or F is virtually...
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    Emirates to axe chauffeur drive on award tickets

    I'm amazed at the short sightedness when an airline has something unique that gives them a point of difference axing this. If they were really suffering the costs of providing the service they could add a very small amount onto the ticket (or fees & charges for award tickets) & people wouldn't...
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    Emirates to axe chauffeur drive on award tickets

    I wonder if the substantial difference in taxes & charges between Emirates Economy & Business Award bookings on the Qantas website will decrease from 1st March? I always assumed that one of the reasons for the additional taxes for Business & First was due to CD.
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    Hilton Honors Macquarie Platinum Card Discontinued

    Can I ask how can you confirm they've done this? Has anyone asked if you can get the Qantas Black card instead (with the same no fee conditions)? Seems a lot better than the rewards program with 1:1 earn. Gary.
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    Hilton Macquarie Card Discontinued 1 May 2019.

    Can I ask how you would check that your status is extended to March 2021? When I log in to the Hilton website it only seems to mention the current year (as I recall). If you cancel the card is there any way they could reverse the extended status? Thanks, Gary.
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    Altitude Rewards changes to points transfer rate

    I'm guessing they would be unlikely to reverse the change this close to the change-over date now as it would cause more of a backlash from the people that converted their points unnecessarily. The negative feedback has been going on for a while & I'm sure they would have reacted quicker if they...
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    Altitude Rewards changes to points transfer rate

    VA is 95,500 each way (so 191,000 return), still less than SQ of course but VA have an additional surcharge of $230 each way from 1st Jan. Not sure how the total fees & taxes compares. One of the problems comparing points & fees between airlines is that for some routes one will be cheaper & for...
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    Altitude Rewards changes to points transfer rate

    I'm extremely annoyed they are applying this change retrospectively (last time they kept old points seperate so you could transfer at the old rate). This certainly devalues the whole Altitude program to a point there are many better options. Up until they announced the change from 1:1.35 to...
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    Altitude Rewards changes to points transfer rate

    Two more points: 1) I wonder if they will do the change retropectively? When they changed the earning rate some time back all points earned before the change date could still be transferred at the old rate (in fact my statement still has a section "reserved points 9/3/04" when the conversion...
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    Altitude Rewards changes to points transfer rate

    This sounds feasible - does anyone know if this will work? I can't see anything in the terms & conditions or on the auto redemption webpage. Perhaps this is because the manual & auto rate is the same at the moment & once there is such a big difference they will impose rules on how often to can...
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    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    My main issue is that the gate is really not the best place to be checking size/weight. Check them at check-in where it is easy to enforce & easy to check-in heavy/large bags. OK, so I know self check-in is an issue but perhaps they need some sort of self-weighing/labelling process for this?
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    AirBnB double signon bonus

    Hi all, just passing on my referral link for new members: You will get $50 credit (& I'll get $25). AirBNB now have a quality & comfort verified service called "plus": Introducing Airbnb Plus Thanks, Gary.
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    Kogan Refer a Friend 2018 offer!

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    Hello Fresh Qantas Points Offer

    I would also appreciate use of my referral code MOFAAS to give both of us a $50 discount!
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    Westpac dumps AMEX - changes points earn on MC

    Interesting - can I ask how you got the 105K points?