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    Due to fly Melbourne to Perth June 12th. Chances of flying?

    Is old Victorian’s know that there will always be two chances! Buckley’s & Nunn
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    IHG Gold & Platinum status fast track

    Thanks so much for the conversation. I am learning abt IHG as my Accor stays have been really limite since COVID
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    IHG Gold & Platinum status fast track

    Yes I saw the amount and wondered - hoping the brains trust has input -otherwise I might risk it and book an extra night
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    IHG Gold & Platinum status fast track

    Would you know if points plus pay rewards night count towards this offer? I have read the T&C and it mentions $
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    World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys

    I did the Swiss pass last year and really enjoyed it. Based myself in interlaken. I had the NZ one scheduled for early 2021 but that’s going to be pushed back. I am really attached to Man in seat 61 for all the ideas and tips. That’s how I found the Norway hurtigruten Ferry trip and the Oslo to...
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    Qantas Hotels - what happens now flights are cancelled?

    Ohhh I should have waited. I cancelled mine when they put the cancel full refund offer was on the booking😫
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    Points expiry

    My suggestion would be to buy wine
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    Qantas Hotels - what happens now flights are cancelled?

    Hi. with my overseas booking with qantas hotels. This week I went onto the booking and it had a button to cancel with full refund. . Even though it was a non cancel rate
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    Travelling with an under two

    Hi my experience with premium eco was shattered when u found that the arm rests are fixed so you have to remain upright at all times. Not very useful when travelling with tots
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Hi. Can you get to OOL. Every day is same day return
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    Qantas Lounge London

    Ok. Thanks all. Plan a us T5 and one guest and hopefully someone walking in may guest another. Otherwise I will tag them in and out
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    Qantas Lounge London

    No I didn’t. Thanks so much for letting me know. Do I presume that I could still only guest one tho?
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    Qantas Lounge London

    That is good to know. I will try that Thanks for the info
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    Qantas Lounge London

    Hi all. I am only gold and can only guest one. It and I am seeking someone to assist in guesting a travel companion into LHR abt 1830hrs this Thursday for BA15. Apologies if this isn’t the right site