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    Do you pay for full-price business class tickets?

    I don’t pay full priced dom J unless there’s a DSC and part of a status run. My recent J trips have been points upgrades, given we’ll probably get status extensions. Haven’t done transcon in J lately but regardless, QF has always seemed very good at filling up J regardless of sector - maybe a...
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?

    +3 for no observable demographic change. But lacking in chicken meat (while the butcher outside had plenty), and the toilet paper aisle was completely cleared out. In year 3 of this pandemic!
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    Ask The Pilot

    What would you dread to be told over the radio (especially by but not just from ATC)? "Stand by to copy a phone number to call..." or "Indefinite hold" or "Clearance cancelled"? Been watching some Mayday recently and got me thinking
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    Ask The Pilot

    Do airlines get "better" (ie. safer and more able to troubleshoot) pilots by developing their own from scratch rather than taking those with military or other experience? Reading some accident reports, seems some commercial pilots have saved the day with some skills (eg. gliding) that they...
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Much respect for staff at the state hubs who spent Christmas Day in PPE processing all those tests.
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    Passport Renewal Notice

    Had managed to get a bit worried about supposed massive backlogs and delays for renewing passports, so organised a new one just under two months before expiry. Felt like my wings had been clipped when the the post office cut off the MRZ and corners of my passport to cancel it. They said it would...
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    Vaccine Rollout in Australia - personal accounts.

    After first two shots of Pfizer, got Moderna as a booster yesterday around noon. Went with Moderna only because there were appointments for that available earlier. Was going to go to a state hub but for some reason none of the ones nearby had any online availability for weeks (what is going...
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    Off to USA on Qantas' first scheduled flight in 20 months!

    Great for you to finally get on that horse again, thanks for the report. Did you take a photo of the First lounge menu?
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    Bunnings & Officeworks joining Flybuys

    The Bunnings self checkout didn't prompt me to scan my flybuys card at the end of the transaction (unlike Coles IME), so best remember to do that yourself.
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    Bunnings & Officeworks joining Flybuys

    Positive news, didn't expect this when Bunnings doesn't need to try hard to attract customers, with Masters and Hardwarehouse distant memories... Best to let go of regrets of points that never were, and look forward to points that will be :)
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    Discrimination against solo travellers?

    Haven't been discriminated against whilst flying solo in VA J... then again it's been a while, and back then the J cabin was often sparsely filled unlike QF. Totally agree a pax shouldn't be discriminated against if travelling solo. Why should my desire to sit in a seat I carefully chose be...
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    New Qantas features to change the way you fly

    It was mentioned in the predictions of international travel thread
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    Taking 87 year old Father into Sydney's & LAX's First Lounges

    Agree with sudoer, RichardMEL and Ansett, and hope you might snag Matt_01's pass . I'm guessing your departure for LAX is at one of the peak times for the F lounge in which case leniency is unlikely. In a totally unscientific sample I've watched at SYD reception as many people ask to bring an...
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    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    That's pretty poor and frustrating. Previously my calls were answered instantly but a week ago I had to wait about three minutes (fetch my smelling salts!!). Today back to being answered immediately again.