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    Points Club: confused about membership year

    Ahh okay, was really hoping ticking over to PCP next month would apply an extra 100 SC retrospectively from last years flying to get her to 1,400 by the end of the Jan 22. Thanks mate, jumped on that on Friday. Also did BP 50SC + AMEX and Qantas CC. 500 SC to go. Just need a DSC promo and the...
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    Points Club: confused about membership year

    Hi all, Quick question re Status Credits Rollover. My wife is trying to obtain WP this year and is currently SG and a Points Club Member. Status Expiry Jan 2022. If she hits Points Club Plus before the end of Jan will the 100 extra status credits come into her account from prior years or would...
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    Qantas Status Credits Boost

    Just had 600 status credits drop into my account as a WP. Membership year ends in March. Anyone else had something similar?
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    ALL - Diamond Benefits - Michael Bublé

    Hi Guys, Anyone else in Sydney receive this or a similar benefit? First real benefit I have seen since becoming Diamond Status.. .
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    "Le Club Accor" to becom "Accor Live Limitless" or "ALL"

    Anyone know when the new program is launching? Seems the updates have dried up over the last few months with the last in August..